Silk Scrunchies

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1 product

Silk Scrunchies of the Finest Mulberry Silk - fit for a Queen!

It's not always practical to wear a crown, so go for a QueenMee silk scrunchie instead! Be the Queen of every day with your top knot tied with a QueenMee Silk scrunchie!

Mulberry Silk is Protective for Your Hair

Mulberry silk is naturally hydrating. This means that using mulberry silk scrunchies will help to keep your hair hydrated, reduce frizz, reduce kinks and generally keep your hair healthy.

Be the Queen of Every Day in your Silk Scrunchie

Our range of silk scrunchies includes colourful, and classic numbers to inspire you. QueenMee is for the magpie in you, capturing your imagination every day so you can express yourself with your own unique style. 


****Buy 3 Silk Scrunchies for £30 Discount Automatically Applied to your Basket****