3 Modern Ways to Wear Brooches on a Jacket

Elevate your outfit with Brooches for a whimsical finishing touch.

At QueenMee we celebrate how Brooches can transform any outfit. Whether it's a day dress, a blouse, hat or jacket. 

Brooches are a fabulous way to accessorise your look, add your own signature style, and stand out from the crowd. 

Brooches are versatile and can be worn in many creative ways. Why not see your clothes as a blank canvas on which to pin a brooch (or three!)

If they are good enough for the Queen.....

Maddie and I had lots of fun creating the images for this blog post, thinking outside the box, and experimenting with different styles.

We hope you like our 3 Modern Ways to wear Brooches on a Jacket. Get experimenting, and step into your inner Queen!


This jacket is our blank canvas, and we think it's definitely in need of some QueenMee sparkle to reveal your inner Queen. 

1) Cluster your Brooches on your jacket. 

This unique style shows off some of our favourite Brooches placed together, and gives a strong, statement look. This one is definitely an ice-breaker!

It's an opportunity to really showcase your creativity, (and your favourite brooches too!) This is an idea you could keep playing with, to change up your outfit daily.

You can mix up enamel brooches with pearl brooches, as we have here, to create a blend of colours and tones. 

There is no right or wrong to this styling, it's just a matter of playing and seeing what you feel works. 

To make the look extra special (and get conversations flowing) wear brooches that tell a story, or are personal to you. For example our Animal Brooches add a whimsical touch. Did you know that ladybirds symbolise luck and hope in many cultures, and that butterflies symbolise rebirth and new beginnings?

We have used our Bee Brooch, Pearl Fan Brooch, Dragonfly Brooch, Ladybird Brooch, Butterfly Brooch and our Fern Pearl Brooch for an eclectic mix. 

2) Attach your Brooches as Buttons 

Why not give your jacket a completely new look by adding brooches instead of buttons?

This is such a fun way to finish off your outfit. It's perfect for an event such as a day at The Races, to elevate your jacket and add Queenly sparkle. Our Crystal Brooches will dazzle in the sunshine.

We've created the look here by fixing them over the buttons of the jacket, but if it's an old jacket, you could remove the buttons, and then change the brooches to create a variety of looks. 

Whether you want to go classic with some pearl brooches for timeless chic look; or maybe embrace the wonders of summer with butterfly and insect brooches - there is a style that will bring out everyone's inner Queen. 

We have styled our Large Vintage Crystal Brooches to make a Sparkling Vintage statement.

3) Attach your Brooches on both Lapels of your jacket 

We often expect to see a a brooch placed on a lapel - but have you tried adding matching brooches on each lapel?

It's a great way to give your jacket a glamorous twist. Perfect for days out shopping or a lunch with the girls.

You may want to add some vintage sparkle with a pair of Pearl Brooches or maybe make it personal by using your favourite Animal or Bird- either way styling your Brooches in this way will definitely be a talking point!

We have used our Starburst Brooch on each lapel. It's a versatile style which would work with lots of different jackets.

Getting creative with styling your brooches is so much fun - We would love to see how fabulous your brooches look, so please do send us a photo, it brightens our days!

We hope you feel like a Queen

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With love, Maddie & Amanda XXX

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