About us

Hello, I am Amanda (left), and I'm delighted to welcome you to QueenMee Accessories! I'm the Founder of QueenMee, and I'm pictured here with my dedicated and hard-working Assistant, Celine (right).

We are a small female-led business; it is just us two in the studio - answering your queries, gift wrapping your orders, and popping to the post office!


 This is Amanda's Story....

Amanda Waterstone Carthy QueenMee About Us  

Hello, I'm Amanda Waterstone Carthy, and I'm the Founder of QueenMee.

Lots of people ask me how QueenMee came to life

Well the story began when I became a mother. I needed to tie my long hair up, for the first time, as it was so physically demanding being a mum. I was disappointed with the range of hair accessories I could find.  I wanted something glamorous to wear in my hair, so I could feel fabulous in my new life, but I could only find basic choices in black or brown.  

I had a background in jewellery design, and so I set about putting a collection of hair accessories together that was based on the sparkle and colour of jewellery details.

I’m delighted to also include brooches in my collection now. They make such thoughtful gifts (and lovely self-gifts), and are my favourite jewellery item as they are perfect for styling in a multitude of creative ways. 

Wearing my own designs has always helped me to feel confident in my day to day life; I hope I can help you to be the queen of every day!


My inspiration

My dad has been a huge business inspiration in my life.  As a child, I watched him build up Waterstone’s booksellers from scratch. Watching him encouraged me to dream, and believe that anything is possible.

My creative inspiration is balanced between my past and my present.  I live in leafy Buckinghamshire now, but I grew up in the heart of London.

My past trawling through London’s vintage markets, means I love to draw on the charm of vintage in the collection. My life in the countryside now also inspires me to celebrate the wonder of nature.

I hope you will find pieces in the collection to help you celebrate whatever inspires you today.


Why “QueenMee”?

I want my customers to feel radiant and confident in my pieces. I hope you will be able to express yourself with QueenMee; and believe in your own unique style.

QueenMee celebrates your femininity, whether you are being a social butterfly at a special event, or you just want to sparkle in your day-to-day life. 

You can feel good on the outside, and on the inside too, as you are supporting charity while you shop.


At QueenMee, we believe in being kind to yourself and others

Charity is at the heart of QueenMee. I believe it's important to celebrate sparkle on the outside, and kindness on the inside.

I’m very happy to be a partner with the Wonder Foundation. As at August 2022 we have raised over £2,000 with your help, for this fantastic charity. Wonder helps empower women and girls in the UK, and around the world, through education and mentoring.

QueenMee also gives Nurses and Care Workers a well-being boost, through the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

For every £100 you spend on this website, a sparkling hair accessory is gifted to a Nurse or Care Worker.

I am personally grateful for the kindness of nurses. When my youngest daughter was under a year old, I spent 2 weeks with her in hospital, as she underwent a series of emergency operations and tests. Those were dark days indeed, and it was the kindness of the nurses that got me through it.

I’m very grateful to you, my customers, who raise money for good causes by shopping on QueenMee – it’s a team effort!

 amanda waterstone carthy mother queenmee about us

Thank you!

A huge thank you to you, my lovely customer, for making all of this possible. You’re the reason I love what I do. Every order, and every supportive comment makes a big difference to me.

I’d love to help you with any queries, or just to have a chat. Do email me amanda@queenmee.com. It would be wonderful to connect on social media – Facebook or Instagram.


A crown can come in lots of different shapes and sizes, I’d love to help you find yours!

Lots of love

Amanda XXX

This is Celine's Story....

Hello, I’m Celine Munro and I joined QueenMee as Amanda's Assistant.

I am also a mum of 2 and come from an event management background.

After a few years of being a stay at home mum, I was longing to find something I would enjoy doing while the children were at school and with someone I would enjoy working with. When I found out Amanda was looking for an assistant, it felt like fate and I have not looked back!

I am proud to work for QueenMee and help support the Wonder Foundation and the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. 12 years ago, I had a bad reaction to a medical procedure and ended up spending 4 weeks in hospital, most of it bedbound. The nurses were the ones helping me through it every day with a kind word, a joke, a reassuring chat or by washing my hair when I was too weak to do it myself! It's lovely to be able to give a little something back.

I am really excited to be a part of QueenMee and hope I too can help you to be the queen of every day!


Celine xxx