QueenMee Featured In

There's nothing else quite like having a hair accessory featured in a glossy magazine, or on TV! Thank you so much to the journalists for their support, Amanda X

This is the amazing moment our Black Headband with Sparkles was featured on ITV's This Morning! It appeared in a beautiful edit styled by Louise Roe, with Holly and Phil commenting on the hairstyle.

Our Mulberry Silk Scrunchie had it's first press coverage this month in this gorgeous red spread in Platinum Magazine! Silk Scrunchies are so good for your hair, we love them!

We were very excited to have our Orange Jewelled Headband featured in Heat Magazine! We love it in this bright edit!

Our Art Deco Hair Slides Set and Star and Moon Headband have been really popular this festive period. It was amazing seeing them featured in The Lady Magazine.

Our lovely Large Vintage Brooch was featured in My Weekly Magazine and we are big fans of faux fur coats at QueenMee so we love the pairing!

Our ever so popular Art Deco Hair Slides Set were featured in this lovely Festive Luxury page in the Wealden Times.

Thank you so much to the lovely local Magazine Round & About Cookham, Bourne End and Marlow, which is where the QueenMee office is based, for a lovely feature on our Kindness Initiative. Pictured are our Large Vintage Brooch, Art Deco Hair Slides Set, Star Hair Slides and Star and Moon Headband.

crown brooch QueenMee press Heat

Both our Gold Crown and Large Vintage Brooch are featured in this beautiful Jubilee special of Heat. A very big thank you to the journalist for including our pieces in this gorgeous edit.  

crown brooch itv gok

It was a fabulous Jubilee moment when our Gold Crown Brooch was featured on ITV's This Morning, with a few kind words from Gok too! Thank you so much to the wonderful fashion team at This Morning, for all of their support. 

gatsby headpiece Itv this morning

What a wonderful moment when our Great Gatsby Headband was featured in a 1920s special on ITV's This Morning. It was a beautiful edit, timed for the release of the new Downton Abbey film. Lisa Snowdon said some lovely things about QueenMee too. Thank you so much to the whole fashion team at This Morning for supporting small business. 

orange headband ITV Gok

We were very excited to have our Orange Jewelled Headband featured on ITV's This Morning with Gok! We are totally in love with this orange edit. So colourful and fun. A very big Thank You to the This Morning Team. 

QueenMee Accessories press large brooch

Our Vintage Brooch was featured on ITV's This Morning, styled so originally on a jumper worn round the shoulders. A huge thank you to the team for this gorgeous feature. 

QueenMee Accessories Brooch Press

We were thrilled that our charity bee brooch was featured in the S Magazine (Sunday Express Magazine) gift guide. What a beautiful edit to be included in. Thank you so much to Reach Plc for their support. 

QueenMee Accessories press OK Magazine

This stunning feature of the charity bee brooch in OK! Magazine was a wonderful boost, for which we are very grateful. 

QueenMee bee brooch press

Our charity bee jewellery collection was featured in the lovely local Magazine Round & About Cookham, Bourne End and Marlow, which is where the QueenMee office is based. Thank you so much for the lovely feature!

bejewelled padded headband ITV this morning

Our bejewelled padded headband was featured on ITV's This Morning! The headband is featured in a luxe wedding guest outfit, and presenter Louise says some lovely words about QueenMee :)

star hair slides hello

These star hair clips work beautifully for year-round sparkle, as highlighted in Hello! Fashion pages. 

queenmee hair accessories hello! magazine

The press love these art deco hair slides! As well as having been featured in this stunning edition of Hello! They have also been featured in Bride Magazine:

bride magazine queenmee hair accessories

Along with our blue tassel slides and 1920s headband. The 20s are set to Roar Anew!

queenmee headband this morning

This was such an exciting moment, seeing the pearl padded headband featured on ITV's This Morning!

QueenMee Accessories Closer Magazine

QueenMee Accessories Closer magazine feature

I am so thrilled to be included in this beautiful "Shop Small, Shop Smart" feature in Closer Magazine. The orange headband and pink hair clip featured are definitely dazzlers! 

 hello! fashion monthly black jewelled headband

I am so proud that this stunning Hello! Fashion Party Dressing collection includes our black jewelled headband.

amanda waterstone carthy interview

I was thrilled to be featured in the lovely online magazine sixtyplusurfers. The full interview is about my background and inspiration.