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At QueenMee Accessories we love jewels, and we love supporting a good cause too.

Isn't shopping more fun, when you know you are doing good as you shop?

That's why your order supports charity with every purchase. 3% of every penny you spend on this site goes to help Empower Females. 

Empowering Women and Girls through Education

Your donation goes to the Wonder Foundation. Their mission is to empower women, girls and their communities through access to quality education, so that they can transform their lives and exit poverty for good.

Wonder works with local partners, in the UK and around the globe, towards a future where women and girls are able to make informed life choices.

Why Female Education?

  • 66% of the 774 million illiterate people in the world are female
  • Girls make up 58% of those not completing primary school
  • 58% of Women in the world are employed in the informal economy
  • Every additional year of secondary school increases girls' eventual wages by 25%

More About the Wonder Foundation's Projects

The Wonder Foundation works with local partners in the UK and around the globe. Here are just a few of their projects

The Tewa Training Centre in Kenya

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The Tewa Training Centre empowers marginalised girls and young women through transformative vocational training and mentoring. Tewa is based in Kilifi County, one of the country’s poorest districts, where women have little access to education. With only 48% of girls moving into secondary education, Tewa plays a key role in making education and opportunities accessible to young women and girls in the area.

Wavecrest College in Nigeria

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Wavecrest College is a vocational institution that teaches technical and professional skills to young women, many from less privileged backgrounds. Wavecrest helps young women develop the vocational skills they need to enter stable employment and gain financial independence following graduation.

The young women who graduate from the school’s vocational hospitality training programmes increase their family’s income by at least 50% when they start working. The increase in their income is transformative. It gives these young women confidence and the power to plan better futures.

Lycée Liziba in Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Lycée Liziba offers high-quality education for girls in Kinshasa with few opportunities. They raise girls’ aspirations to continue their studies so that they can have good opportunities in the future. The school engages the girls’ families to create a supportive environment for their personal development.

In a country where millions of girls are out of school, projects like these are key to educating the next generation. With little resources, the government is not in a position to offer quality education. 

 The Baytree Centre in the UK

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Baytree Centre is a social inclusion charity for women and girls based in the heart of Brixton, London. Those who access the centre face multiple barriers to inclusion, for example lack of English language skills, inability to access employment opportunities, poverty, and discrimination.

All projects rely on 1–1 mentoring, offering support in overcoming personal difficulties. Women and girls develop confidence and plan specific steps to build futures for themselves and their families.