Brooches and Enamel Pins

42 products

42 products

Love Brooches? Love QueenMee Style

Here at QueenMee, we love to experiment with accessories, and there is no accessory more creative than the brooch. Incredibly versatile, brooches can be worn with hats, bags, scarves and on clothes. 

Vintage Brooches with Jewelled Details

In our collection of vintage style brooches, we make use of the ancient technique of enamel work, adorned with rhinestones for added sparkle. We love to use enamel work in our hair clips too. The colours in enamel work are a joy!

Classic pearl brooches are complimented with gold trim, crystal or hematite for opulent styling. 

Animal Brooches with Quirky Appeal

Animals and insects hold a special place in our hearts here at QueenMee. The Buckinghamshire countryside is a continual source of inspiration for our designs.

With our animal brooch collection, we tap into the current trend for enamel pins, and add crystal, pearls and gold trim, to ensure our animal brooches are quirky and timelessly appealing. 

Which is your Spirit Animal?

Why not gift a friend their favourite animal in a brooch. Whether it is a colourful butterfly, or a wise owl, we all have some animal spirit in us!