3 New Year's Eve Hairstyles

Be a Party Queen on New Year's Eve with our Easy Hairstyles 

New Year's Eve is a sparkling opportunity to joyfully mark a new chapter - and to dress up for the occasion.

Here at QueenMee HQ, we love an excuse for a party, and finishing our party outfit with just the right hair style and hair accessory. When you're sparkling from Head to Toe, the good times flow!

However the ease of the hairstyle is important for us - Amanda, QueenMee creator, is a busy Mum, and Maddie, QueenMee Assistant, is juggling her studies while working with QueenMee. We don't always have the time or the funds to go to the hairdresser.

For this blog post, we have enlisted the help of Amanda's good friend, and QueenMee customer, Jess. Jess has always inspired Amanda with her creative hairstyling. She's a busy mum of 3, and her hairstyles take just a few minutes to put together. 

She has gorgeous, wavy hair, but her first 2 ideas work for straight hair too. For the 3rd idea, you can add a curl with tongs, rollers or a hair wand. 


1) A Jewelled Headband with Volume at the Back

Jewelled Headbands are the perfect way to add sparkle to your New Year's Eve plans. Just pop one on and you feel like you have your crown on.

However to add va-va-voom -  creating some extra volume at the back of your hair can make the hairstyle a head-turner. 

This can be done in minutes and all you'll need is some extra hair grips.

First gather a section of your hair at the back, and push it up to create volume before you pin.

You can backcomb your hair so that it sits as high and voluminous as you would like.

After you have your hair with the volume you want, secure with some hair pins that are similar to your hair colour for a seamless look.

The last step is to add your favourite Jewelled headband for the ultimate shimmer. We have used our black vintage jewelled headband for a classic look.



2) Sparkling Hair Slides with a Twist

Hair Slides are such an easy accessory to wear in your hair - and for New Year's Eve, why not add an extra finishing touch, with this super-cool, twisted hairstyle. 

This hairstyle is a head-turner, yet is completed in 2 simple steps.

First, grab a section from the front of your hair and start twisting; adding sections of your hair until you have reached just behind your ear.

Then take your sparkling hair slides - and secure your hair in place. It's that simple. 

You can use 1 slide on each side of your hair and repeat the twist on the other side of your hair.

Or use both slides on one side for the ultimate shimmer, as we have in the photo here.

Wearing an asymmetric hairstyle has definite disco vibes. Team with a one-shoulder top to be the Queen of the dancefloor. 

We used our Diamante hair slides for this style, and they are also available in red, or blue if you prefer a more colourful look. 



3) A Crystal Hair Claw with Undone Updo

An Updo is a classic hairstyle when we have events and parties to attend - and adding an undone note makes this hairstyle modern and relaxed.

hair claw clip is an easy and quick way to achieve the look; and of course ours has crystal, to make you feel delightfully sparkly. 

This style can be created very quickly - so you have time to drink something sparkly, to match your sparkly hair, before you head out the door for a night to remember!

We added a curl to the hair before creating this look.

To start - gather all your hair into a low ponytail in your hands.

Then, twist the length of your hair upwards.

Next - start at the bottom of your head, twisting the hair in on itself and move towards the top of your head to create a roll of hair. 

Once you have the roll - secure it with one of our hair claws in the middle, and let the rest fall over the claw to give that undone look.

You can also pull some pieces out around your face to make the style more undone. 

We used our gold hair claw with crystals for this hairstyle, it's a classic claw that works with many outfits. 

Any of our hair claws would work for this hairstyle, to match your party outfit. 

We hope you are inspired by our New Year's Eve hairstyles and that you feel fabulous on the night!

Do send us your New Years Eve Hairstyle photos - comment below, tag your photos on Instagram @queenmee_accessories or email them to us hello@queenmee.com. We love seeing your photos, it gives us a wonderful boost :)


Amanda & Maddie xxx




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