7 Modern Ways To Wear A Brooch

Modern Ways to Wear a Brooch (They are definitely not old-fashioned!)

At QueenMee we love our Brooches, and how much fun they can add to an outfit. They are so versatile, and add interest with sparkle and colour. 

However sometimes our customers tell us they can be a bit hard to style - we are here to help you think of new, modern ways to wear them!

We have had lots of fun creating our list, with 7 modern ways to wear Brooches, and we hope these give you some fresh ideas.


1) On A Beret or Hats

Adding a Brooch to a Beret transforms your outfit into Parisian chic, quicker than you can say "croissant".

This idea works with any hat you think needs some extra glimmer.

We have a wide range of brooches, but we think the Enamel and Crystal Dragonfly Brooch pairs so well with a Blue Beret.

Choose your brooch to express how you feel - and feel free to change on a daily basis. Will it be a Butterfly, Bird or maybe even your favourite animal today?




2) On Lapels of Jackets and Blazers 

Styling a Brooch on the lapel of your jackets is a traditional way of wearing your Brooches - and it is always classically chic. 

Large Jewelled Brooches look fabulous on lapels, oozing glamour and movie-star sparkle.

Our Large vintage crystal brooch is a gorgeous choice for this styling tip, and it's available in a wide range of colours. 

Simply place the large crystal brooch on your lapel, and you're a sparkling, vintage Queen, whether it's night or day!



 3) On a bag or Purse

Adding brooches to a plain bag, (that maybe you are a little bored of) is the best short-cut to feeling like you have a whole new bag!

This is one of my favourite ways to wear brooches.

You can use your favourite brooches to reflect your mood or a particular colour you are into. Try tying the colour of the brooch into another detail on your outfit, like your shoes, or a tone in your dress.

In the photo below, I jazzed up my plain black bag using my favourite Queenmee brooches, and I was over the moon with the results. 

The pearl and crystal brooch on its own added so much sparkle to my look, but by adding our Gold Bee Brooch and Pearl Leaf Brooch, it felt like I had a whole new bag!

This is such a cool and stylish way to accessories your outfits and add interest to an otherwise boring bag.





4) Neckline and Pockets of Shirts

Another way of wearing your brooches to jazz up your outfits, is placing them around the neckline or on pockets of your shirts.

This is a unique substitute to wearing a necklace during the day, and something you can personalise to your taste.

Whether you only want to use one, or maybe even layer a few of your favourites, this eye-catching look will have you feeling Queenly in a jiffy.

For styling my shirt I chose our silver 1920s winged brooch. It felt like I was wearing a cool stylish bow tie, and I love the quirky vibe it gave to my striped shirt.





5) Holding a Scarf Together

This is a more classic way of styling your brooches, however it can still feel playful and unique.

Simply tie your scarf around your neck, like we have in our photo, and secure in place, at the twist, with your brooch.

Our Flamingo Brooch is a personal favourite for me. I absolutely love how quirky it is, and how well the colours match my scarf!

silver pearl and crystal brooch of the cuff of a shirt

6) Cuffs of Sleeves 

Another modern and fun way to wear your brooches, is to use them to hold your cuffs together! 

Using a brooch to secure your cuff feels completely modern, playful and unexpected.

Whether it be our Sunflower Brooch in the photo here, or our Pearl drop fan brooch, these classics will add a chic touch of glamour to your shirts.

This look can work well to spice up your daily office outfit, or equally well to add some extra shimmer when meeting friends for drinks. 



 7) Jazz Up Your Knitted Headbands

With the Autumn and Winter season just around the corner, knitted headbands are a fabulous option to accessorise your outfits.

To make them even more fabulous, why not add a brooch for some extra fun and sparkle?

Whether its a Butterfly, LadyBird or a classic pearl brooch, they are the perfect way to add some uplifting sparkle on those cold winter days!

The Pink Butterfly with the Pink Knitted Headband is one of my personal favourites. It is perfect for all the Pink Queens like me out there!


Those were our top 7 modern ways to wear a brooch. I hope you have been inspired - we would love to see your styling photos!

Comment below, tag your photos on Instagram @queenmee_accessories  or email them to us hello@queenmee.com

We can’t wait to see all you Queens styling your fabulous brooches!





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