Barbiecore Headbands to Watch the Film

Barbie Headband Dress-Up-Fun is all part of the experience

Are you as excited as us for the release of the Barbie movie?

With everyone dressing up to go and see the film, (it's all part of the experience) there is no better time to add some sparkle to your outfit with a Headband!

There are so many options at QueenMee to bring out your inner Barbie, but we've picked some of our favourites for you. 

We hope you enjoy channelling your inner Barbie, and please do send us any of your dress-up photos. It gives us a massive lift - email

You can also post them in the blog comments below. What's your favourite part of the Barbie film? We would love to know!


1) Pink and Pearl Headband

If you want a vintage-infused Barbie vibe then our Pink Pearl Headband is a fabulous option. This headband is the definition of classic glamour with a delicious Barbie twist.

The pearls with the crystals are a perfect way to add sparkle to your fabulous Barbie outfit and will have you feeling like the best dressed Barbie in the cinema.

This is also a versatile option for many other occasions; when you want that added pop of pink!

2) Pink Jewelled Headband 

Our jewelled headband is bound to make you feel like Barbie Royalty as you enjoy the film.

The jewels add sparkle to your outfit, with the height of the padded headband adding extra glamour. This headpiece is definitely one of my personal favourites, it really makes you feel like you're wearing a crown!  A fabulous edition to your Barbie viewing outfit.

Here is Bonnie Rakhit wearing our jewelled headband, doesn't she look gorgeous - and ready to show off her inner Barbie Queen!




3) Bow Headband 

Our Bow headband is such a fun accessory, and adds a playful twist to a multitude of outfits.

If you are going full-throttle on the Barbie dress up fun, this is the perfect choice. Best of all we have 3 different shades of pink to choose from. 

Try light pink, dark pink or bright pink and you'll be able to find one that will match your Barbie energy.

Doesn't Amanda look fabulous in her Bow headband, such effortless Barbie Chic!


We hope you like our top 3 Barbie Headbands. Wear to watch the movie, or just wear to channel empowered, Barbie-vibes in your everyday life.

Have a fabulous time watching the Barbie Movie - and don't forget to email us your Barbie headband photos, post below, or tag us on Instagram @QueenMeeAccessories. We love seeing you in QueenMee!

With love








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