Bridesmaid Hair Accessories: Our Top 4 Styling Tips

Bridesmaid Hair Accessories that will make you feel like a Princess while celebrating your loved ones!

It is so wonderful when you get the opportunity to be a bridesmaid for the people you love the most!

However it can be so hard to decide how you want to style your hair and find the best Bridesmaid Hair Accessories that will make you feel fabulous. 

We have come up with our top 4 Bridesmaid Hair Accessories and the best ways to style them! These Hairstyles will only take you a few minutes and are super simple if you aren't the best at styling your hair! 

These Bridesmaid Hair Accessories will definetley make you feel like a princess!


1) Hair Down with a Jewelled Headband for Colour and Sparkle

This is the easiest Bridesmaid Hairstyle that will only take seconds to create! It's so simple but will bring so much colour and sparkle to your look! It's the perfect Bridesmaid Hair Accessory for those that are wanting a bright pop of colour!

All you have to do is pop it on and you will step into your inner Princess Bridesmaid energy!

You can either leave your hair straight like we have or add a fabulous curl to it to create a more glamorous look! 

We have used our Bright Blue Pearl Jewelled Headband for this look that matches Maddie's wonderful dress perfectly!

This Bridesmaid Hair Accessory also comes in a fabulous lilac and hot pink!

2) Twisted Half Up Half Down with Crystal Chain Headband

If you want a hairstyle that looks super glamorous but only takes a few minutes then this is the perfect hairstyle for you!

This twisted Half up Half Down hairstyle may look super complicated but is so quick and easy to create. 

A Chain Headband is the perfect Bridesmaid Hair Accessory as they are so easy to style and wear with different fabulous hairstyles, while adding so much sparkle! It really looks like you're wearing your crown! 

Our Vintage Crystal Headband is the perfect Bridesmaid Hair Accessory for this hairstyle and adds so much sparkle! 

To create this style, Place the chain headband on top of your head, having the crystals placed at the front.

Start wrapping the top section of your hair around the elastic while adding more hair as you go around, to create the beautiful twist you see in the picture above! 

Simply keep going until you get to the other side of the headband and your hairstyle is complete!

You can add some hair grips if you need to hold it in place while you dance the night away celebrating your loved ones!

It is the perfect Bridesmaid Hair Accessory that will make you look and feel like a Queen in minutes!

3) Side Bun With Crystal Headband 

A Hair Bun is a classic hairstyle for so many of us, it's so versatile, you can wear it when you're in a rush to get it out of your face. Or a polished hair bun with a fabulous Bridesmaid Hair Accessory to finish off your fabulous look!

To create this style, start by smoothing your hair over to one side as we are creating a side bun for this Queenly look.

After smoothing your hair down, collect it into a ponytail and start wrapping it around to create a bun shape and secure with a hair bobble. 

Start pulling at the bun to create more volume and secure in place using some hair grips when you have your desired shape! 

To finish your hairstyle with a Queenly Sparkle grab your favourite Bridesmaid Hair Accessory to add the finishing touch. We have used our Silver Crystal Headband to give so much sparkle to this look! It's a wonderful addition to any Bridesmaid look! 

4) Twists at each side with Crystal Floral Hair Clip 

Twisted hairstyles are always so easy to create while making you look super glamorous and like you've spent so much time on your hair when it only took you a few minutes! 

Statement Hair Clips are a wonderful Bridesmaid Hair Accessory to elevate your hairstyle and make you sparkle!

To create this hairstyle grab 2 sections from the front of your hair and start twisting them while pulling them towards the back of your head.

Then choose your favourite Bridesmaid Hair Accessory to secure it at the back and you're ready to go! We have used our Floral Crystal Hair Clip which is perfect if you are a Queen with thick hair as it holds so much hair! 

Those were our top 4 Bridesmaid Hair Accessories and the fabulous ways you can style them to elevate your Bridesmaid look! 

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With love, Maddie & Amanda XXX



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