Brooches - 3 Ways to Wear

Brooch Styling is Self-Expressive Fun!

Do you love to get creative with your styling?

Here at QueenMee Accessories, we believe in celebrating your individual style, and part of the reason we love brooches, is that you can wear them in such individual and creative ways.

There are countless ways you can wear a brooch - on a coat, jumper, dress, scarf, sarong, bag, or hat. It is lots of fun experimenting and trying out your favourite brooch styling tricks.

I had fun experimenting with our best-selling Peacock Brooch. It's a large brooch that makes a real statement. Did you know Peacocks symbolise self-expression and awakening? It definitely makes you feel confident and colourful when you wear it. Reveal your inner Peacock!

My intention is not to tell you how to wear your brooches, but to inspire you to get creative and self-expressive yourself.

I would love to see how you style your brooch! Please comment in the notes below, and then we can all inspire each other. 

With love, Amanda X

1) Wear your Brooch on a Shawl

Brooches ways to wear shawl

This is a perfect trick when you need an extra layer to keep you warm, I held my shawl together across the chest, with the Peacock Brooch, and then wore it at one side to add a little asymmetric chic.

2) Wear Your Brooch on a Beret or Hat

 brooches ways to wear beret

Berets, or indeed any type of hat, are perfect showcases for a favourite brooch. I like to wear my brooch pinned to one side, asymmetrically. You can adjust to whichever position feels comfortable for you. Choose your brooch to express your mood for the day! Will it be a bird, bee, or butterfly?

3) Wear your Brooch on A Coat

brooches ways to wear coat

My third way to wear a brooch is perhaps the most classic styling trick - wear your brooch on your coat. Often we gravitate towards wearing our brooch on the lapel, but here I experimented with a 1950s inspired styling trick - wearing my Peacock Brooch on the shoulder. Think Joan Holloway in Mad Men. Great for vintage-inspired, Statement Shimmer!

Please Comment below and let me know which of the 3 is your favourite - or how you like to style yours. 



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  • Gloria Birdsall

    Hi All, for me there is a fourth way to use a brooch!
    How about on a blouse or shirt by placing it between the lapels on the first button that has been done up! It will look great I assure you! A gleaming brooch calling for attention to you and it!😉 xx

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