Brooches and Personal Style: Finding Your Signature Look

From Animal Brooches to Pearl Brooches - which Queen are you?

Brooches are a fantastic way to bring personality and self-expression to your outfit. 

Throughout history, and into the modern day, brooches have been used to communicate a personal (or even diplomatic) message. 

Queen Elizabeth II carried 98 brooches in her jewellery collection, according to Leslie Field, author of "The Queen's Jewels", and often chose her brooch to give a particular message.

According to British Vogue, for example, she is thought to have worn a snowflake brooch - gifted by The Canadian Governor General - to show support to Harry and Meghan when they chose to move to Canada.

Madeleine Albright, the former US Secretary of State, famously wore a snake pin to a meeting with Iraqi officials, after the poet-in-residence of Saddam Hussein called her "an unparalleled serpent".

Lady Brenda Hale, the former Head of the UK Supreme Court, named her autobiography "Spider Woman" , after becoming known for wearing a sparkly spider brooch, whilst announcing Boris Johnson's suspending of parliament as unlawful.

So you can see the powerful messages brooches can convey. 

Here at QueenMee Accessories, we believe that the key to a stand-out personal style is about embracing your unique attributes, and being bold in expressing them - and what better way to do that than with a brooch. 

Believe in your own style, and celebrate your inner Queen!

Now let's get specific - what type of Queen are you? You may have one favoured style, or it may depend on the occasion and the day. 


Brooches for the Vintage-loving Queen

If you adore vintage glamour, then Brooches are a natural addition to your outfit. 

Vintage brooches (or vintage-inspired, as ours are) add a touch of nostalgia, whilst empowering you as you express yourself. 

Our Pearl drop fan brooch is a great example, and the movement of the pearl drop makes it a statement piece. 

This fan motif has a rich history - not only were fans beautiful and practical objects, they were instruments of a secret language, from as early as the 18th Century.

In the 19th Century Parisian fan-maker Duvelleroy, who supplied Queen Victoria's fans;  distributed the information on individual cards. "The Language of the Fan" stated that twirling in the left hand meant "we are watched" while twirling in the right hand signalled "I love another".

This secret sign language helped women to express themselves, when they were not able to use their voices. The QueenMee fan brooch is a colourful symbol of female self-expression. 

Get expressive with how you wear your Vintage Brooches too - you can wear at the collar of your shirt, or on a bag, to add an unexpected twist to your outfit. 

Brooches for the Colourful Queen


For the Queen who loves colour, brooches can easily add extra colour - even a number of colours -  to your outfit. 

Butterfly Brooches are a joyful motif, and a natural way to combine uplifting colour with an uplifting message. 

Try our multi-colour, large crystal Butterfly Brooch to add in extra colour tones to your outfit - maybe to coordinate with your bag or shoes. 

If you are a more-is-more kind of Queen, you could even layer multiple Brooches to maximise the effect.

Layering our Large Crystal Butterfly with our Blue dragonfly brooch and Crystal Seahorse brooch will give you a shimmering bundle of colour to jazz up your favourite jacket.

Brooches for the Animal-loving Queen


It's not only about corgis! We all have our favourite friends in the animal world, and Animal brooches are a great tribute to our beloved furry companions or maybe our favourite sea creature. 

We are all animal lovers here at QueenMee HQ and our Blue turtle brooch is one of our personal favourites.

Did you know that turtles symbolise wisdom and knowledge? This is the perfect motif for when you reach a season where you have gained hard-earned wisdom.

It is a sweet, small size, and a wonderful choice to add delicate shimmer to your outfit. If you prefer an understated look, try styling your Animal Brooch with a scarf or jumper that matches the brooch colour, as we have here, in a light blue. 

Brooches for the classic Queen


For the Queen who loves a classic look, our Pearl Brooches are the perfect choice.

Pearls are timeless, and always in style. 

The versatility of brooches means you can add a small highlight of interest to your favourite coat or jumper. 

Our Gold Pearl Pea Brooch is the perfect mix of pearls with gold, a classic combination. 

Style your Pearl Brooches on many different items, from your coat lapel to your favourite bag. It will give a little twist, but still be in keeping with your classic style. 

We hope we have inspired you to express your signature style with brooches - and that you have fun doing so!

Do send us your Brooch styling photos - comment below, tag your photos on Instagram @queenmee_accessories or email them to us We love seeing your photos, it gives us a wonderful boost :)

With love, Maddie and Amanda X

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