Brown Vintage Hair Clips for Bold Earthy Hues

Today I thought I would embrace my brunette with some warm, earthy tones, finishing off my boho braided hairstyle with QueenMee’s fabulous Vintage Brown Flower Hair Clip to enhance my chocolatey hues.

Don’t get me wrong, this beautiful barrette is not just for the bold brunette! We’re told time and time again of ways to bring out the highlights in our hair, how to emphasise the platinum in our luscious locks, but accentuating our deep golds and rich mahoganies can be just as striking. These earthy colours coupled with a soft braided hairstyle is romantic sophistication at its finest.

To achieve this hairstyle, start by separating a 1cm section of hair on one side, starting the section about 1cm in form your hair line and from the top of the ear and up. Take the remaining hair on this side and tie it back out of the way.

Flip the 1cm section of hair over your part, and start a dutch braid from the top of your ear, working towards your part. Continue along to the top of your ear on the other side, then plait the tail a few centimetres further and fasten with a hair tie.

Flip your hair over one shoulder, to the tail side of the braid, then wind the hair around itself and fasten into a loose, low bun. If needed, use a couple of hair grips to fix your hair over the start of the braid. Add your brown floral hair clip and you have your vintage inspired hairstyle.

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