Butterfly Brooches and Hair Accessories

A butterfly brooch for 2021 social butterflies

Change is in the air! I am loving reading the news again. A new administration in the USA, and optimistic scientific advisors that foresee a return to normal life. Weddings, holidays, birthday parties, and the joy of celebration is hopefully back on the cards for 2021. We still have a long winter to get through, but I am wearing my hope on my sleeve, with butterfly jewellery.

Butterflies are a Powerful Symbol of Change

The girls and I were transfixed during lockdown by 5 little caterpillars, that grew and grew in our dining room into exquisite butterflies. The drama of the change they go through is mesmerising. Butterflies are a powerful symbol of change across the world, so they seem the perfect motif to wear and gift right now. 

A butterfly brooch gift with multiple meanings

The butterfly motif conjures other meanings. For Native Americans, butterflies symbolise joy, colour and change. For Christians, butterflies are a sign of resurrection. In many cultures butterflies are a symbol of the soul; for example in Japan a white butterfly represents the soul of the departed.

So your butterfly brooch gift  will delight the recipient, not only with its sparkle and colour, but also with its levels of meaning.

Then there’s the lovely fact that your QueenMee gift helps support mental health charities. Let’s help things change for good.

large butterfly brooch

Try this gifting this large butterfly brooch to a special woman who loves a touch of drama..

butterfly brooch crystal

The earthy tones in this crystal brooch are perfect for lovers of warm colours. 

butterfly brooch blue

For lovers of vintage style, this pearl butterfly brooch, decorated with beautiful enamel work will melt her heart. 

butterfly hair clip vintage

Or try this enamel butterfly hair clip for a shot of colour. 

butterfly hair clip claw

Rose gold lovers will adore this pretty  butterfly hair clip claw.





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