Christmas Day Hair Jewellery - To Sparkle, or Not To Sparkle

To sparkle, or not to sparkle; that is the question, and the obvious answer is always to SPARKLE! Well here at QueenMee Hair Accessories, we can help, as we know a thing or two about crystal hair clips!

Christmas Day, for many, involves staying in your PJs all day, and over indulging in every delicious festive treat that comes your way, with your hairstyle relaxed and easy. I won't object to that, but I do like to add a bit of Christmas sparkle to my outfit for the day - be it last night's pyjamas or a fabulous festive frock.

For me, Christmas is just as much about the actual cooking as it is about the dining and gift giving, so an easy updo hairstyle is essential, and ideally something that will keep my hair off my face. This year, I've decided on Queenmee's Diamante Hair Claw hair accessory, and I absolutely LOVE its laid back, edgy elegance.

I have tried two styles with this large hair claw clip, each one quite different, and both a great option for Christmas Day hair styles. The first look is a different take on the simple loose braid hairstyle, the tail tucked underneath and fastened in place with the hair clip claws. It’s a simple, soft, chic hairstyle, and one that takes just a few minutes to achieve.

The second look, another quick updo hairstyle, offers a fun, elegant take on the messy bun. Simply pull your hair back into a high ponytail, then wrap the tail loosley around and fasten in place with the hair jaws. Easy elegance for Christmas Day sparkle.

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