Cool Blues & Rhinestone Hair Clips for Holiday Hair

Sunny days are not quite over yet, so this week we’re embracing holiday hair styles with cool blues and a lush loose braided hairstyle. September has always been a great time of year for jetting off for a last minute holiday. This is a great hairstyle for taming long hair and keeping it out of the way in the warmer months, but will work well with mid-length hair too.

Here in London, the grey August weather left many of us downhearted and disappointed, and with 2018’s incredible summer now a distant memory, I, myself, was already resigned to an unremarkable end to the season, and hair accessories soon to be hidden by hats.

Lo and behold, the sun finally returned! To end the summer, not with a bang, but with a glorious blast of sunshine that left Londoners racing to the seaside (or scrambling for a patch of grass in the park). Summer hair was back on track.

But if history is anything to go by, the rest of September is sure to deliver some fine weather before winter rears its, shall we say, unwelcome, head. (Watch this space for a new range of QueenMee berets and winter headbands to glam up your winter hairstyle). And for those of you jetting off on holiday, or enjoying the heat elsewhere in the world, well, read on for the perfect day to evening summer hairstyle!

Start with a loose braid, beginning the braid with about one third of your hair so that it sits low and loose. Braid to the end of your hair, then tuck the tail under and fasten in place with one of Queenmee’s fabulous crystal barrette hair clips.

I’ve opted for a diamante and rhinestone hair clip in ocean blue, a simple touch of sparkle to take my summer hair style to the next level!

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