Fabulous Flower Hairclips for Last Minute Updos

Hair Accessories can save the day! The hardest thing I find about trying to fit regular exercise into my routine, is what to do with the crazy mess of hair that results from a good workout session.

It's just not feasible, or good for your hair, to be washing it every day, and I often find myself in the dilemma of; do I not workout today, or do I not go out this evening?

Usually, this predicament is something I can work around with careful planning, yet some days, a tempting affair is sprung upon you with little notice, and any thoughts of a stylish hair updo are thrown right out of the window.

And that's where Queenmee Hair Accessories steps in…

There’s no need for delicate curls and intricate braids to create a fabulous hairstyle, just a touch of sparkle and some bold hair accessories.

This hairstyle truly was a last minute throw together; gorgeous blue blouse + stunning blue hair clip, and the rest was unimportant! I simply tied my unruly locks back into a high ponytail, then wound the tail around and fastened in place with a few hair grips.

I finished the look with Queenmee’s floral blue and gold hair clip and some stand-out earrings to match, and I was ready for an afternoon catch-up in the sunshine.

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