Festival Hair Accessories: Our Top 5 Styles

Festival Hair Accessories that will make you shine! 

Festival Season is just starting and here at QueenMee we are so excited to get dressed up and dance the night away!

Festivals are the perfect excuse to gather your most colourful clothes and sparkling accessories to have the best time dancing and singing along to your favourite music!

There are so many Festival Hair Accessories that will make you sparkle all day long and are so easy to style when you are in a rush to catch your favourite band! 

Here are our Top 5 Festival Hair Accessories and How to style them! 

1) Leaf Head Chain with a Messy Bun 

A messy bun is the perfect easy hairstyle when you're in a rush and don't have much time to do your hair - So it's the best Hairstyle for a Festival look!

Simply gather your hair up high on your head and twist to create your voluminous bun shape and secure using a hair bobble. 

The exciting part comes with your Festival Hair Accessory to bring some shine to your look! 

Our Leaf Head Chain is the perfect Boho Chic look for your festival hair and is the perfect Festival Hair Accessory to elevate your look!

Simply pop it over your head and pull it back to secure your hair! It's practical and Fabulous!

2) Moon and Stars Headband with Hair Down

If you haven't got time to do anything to your hair on your busy festival days, then there are so many Festival Hair Accessories that will elevate your outfit in seconds when you're rushing off! 

Our Moon and Stars headband is the easiest way to bring out your sparkling festival Queen energy in seconds!

All you have to do is pop it on and you're ready to go! It takes no styling time at all and will have you feeling fabulous all day. 

No matter what your natural hair looks like, this Festival Hair Accessory is guaranteed to make your hair Shine!


3)Star Hair barrette at One Side 

If you want to show off your Star Power this festival season then we have the perfect Festival Hair Accessory for you!

Our Star Hair Barrette will be the final sparkling touch you need to finish your Festival Look!

Wearing this on one side of your hair is the easiest way to create a fabulous look and be ready to go and find your favourite festival food!

You can wear your hair naturally or even sleep with it in braids for a wonderful wavy look which always looks so pretty! 

There is no easier way to style your Festival Hair Accessories than this! 


4) Daisy Chain Headband With Half Up Half Down Hairstyle 

Our Daisy Chain Headband is the Sparkling Festival Hair Accessory that everyone needs! 

A Half up Half Down hairstyle is a fabulous hairstyle that is such a classic for so many of us, especially when we don't have much time to do your hair! 

Simply gather your hair into a half up half down style with the top section of your hair! You can either secure this with a hair bobble or use your Festival Hair Accessory to secure it! 

You can take your Daisy Chain Headband and wrap your hair around it at the back of the elastic to secure! This gives you the perfect seamless hairstyle with no extra help! 

Make sure your sparkling Festival Hair Accessory is sitting high at the front of your head so everyone can catch a glimse of your Festival Queen Sparkle!

5) Feathered Hair Clips With a Side Braid 

This hairstyle is the perfect final festival hair look when you want to go out with a bang!

While it may look more complicated, it's super easy to create and the Festival Hair Accessory we chose to go with it is so fun!

To Create this hairstyle simply start with one section from the front of your hair and pull it towards the back - If you are Queen with fabulous hairstyling skills then you can turn this into a french braid! 

Once you've pinned your braid at the back of your head, Use a hair grip with a  similar colour to your hair so it's not as visible, It's time to add your Festival Hair Accessory!  

Our Glitter Feather Hair Clips are the sparkling Boho touch this hairstyle needs for your final festival look!

Simply side them into your braid and let them hang down to show off your stylish festival look!

 Those were our top 5 Festival Hair Accessories and the fabulous ways you can style them to make you sparkle so bright!

We hope you enjoy dancing the night away at your festival in your QueenMee

Make sure to send us photos of how you style your Festival Hair Accessories. It brightens our day when we see your Queenly photos!

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We absolutely adore seeing your photos :)

With love, Maddie & Amanda XXX

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