Pearl Hair Clip Freshens up my Hairstyle - Flat to Fabulous in Seconds

So, it's the day after a great hair day. You spent ages fixing your hair style yesterday, only to awake on Monday morning to limp, straggly locks, and no time for a wash. It's the curse of long hair, and medium length hair... even short hair in the winter months, when a few extra minutes in bed before dashing out into the cold morning for work is pretty much all you ever dreamed of.

But a wash isn't always the only solution... there are so many easy hairstyles to try, and a simple head piece is all you need to transform your locks from flat to fabulous in seconds.

Today, hairclips were my answer. I opted for one of QueenMee's gorgeous Heart Hair clips. I always find pearl hair accessories to have the right combination of vintage style and freshness;  a simple sweep of the hair and clamp of the hair clasp was all I needed for a chic, elegant finish to my laid back look. 

Clip your hair to one side for 20s glamour, or pull it all off your face for every day elegance. Here at QueenMee Hair Accessories, every occasion is a hair jewellery occasion.

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