Floral Hair Accessories in Autumn Colours

Floral Hair Accessories - More is More in our book!

Do you love to surround yourself with flowers? The natural world, and particularly flowers, are a continual source of inspiration here at QueenMee. We just can’t get enough of them!

Flowers do feel like the most iconic of hair ornaments. From the Romans, right through to Queen Victoria, women in history have delighted in wearing floral hair pieces. 

Wear Colourful Hair Clips in Autumn Hues to Celebrate the Season

We often associate floral hair accessories with summertime events, but autumn blooms to me feel precious, as we know they are the last big display before winter.

At the moment we have mounds of gorgeous purple daisies in the QueenMee garden, as well as a few last pink roses. When I walk in the surrounding countryside I am entranced by some deep red, feathery wildflowers. I have no idea what they are called, but I have to keep resisting the urge to pick them and create a headpiece with them.

Knowing I should leave the wildflowers right where they are, the next best thing is to celebrate these precious blooms, with floral hair accessories and floral prints on my clothes.

brown floral hair accessory

This shimmering brown rose hair accessory sparkles beautifully in Autumn sunshine. 

floral hair accessories autumn

Purple is wonderfully deep for Autumn. Our garden is full of purple Michaelmas daisies at the moment, and I love to drink in all their gorgeous colour. Try this purple floral hair clip for an autumn colour shot. 

floral hair accessory yellow ochre

I love wearing ochre yellow in Autumn, as it feels so in tune with the season, and it is such a rich, vibrant colour. Try this little yellow floral hair accessory, as an easy way to tap into the colour. 

 floral hair accessory red scrunchie

This deep, red rose scrunchie is perfect to turn a messy up do into a glam up do, on an Autumn evening. 



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