Gorgeous Gold Hair Accessories

Gold Hair Accessories with Attitude

Are you a gold lover? It's a favourite of mine, as to me it always evokes opulence and disco luxe. It’s the ultimate indulgent shade, screaming extravagance and yes-I-am-a-queen attitude.

As a lover of Vintage style, I always have a gold hair accessory or two close to hand. Gold sits so well with both classic vintage outfits, and quirky, retro trends.

Gold in Vogue for Autumn Winter

Gold is a particularly fun shade for hair accessories at the moment, as it is in vogue for Autumn Winter 2020. Who doesn’t enjoy giving a little nod to seasonal fashions from time to time?

Gold Hair Accessories that stay in Style 

QueenMee is all about hair accessories you can wear season after season, and gold doesn’t disappoint on this count either. It’s always in style.

Whether it's hair clips or headbands that you like to wear, our collection always has gold as a central focus. 

Grab your Gold Star Hair Clip!

Gold’s current popularity is timely – we all need a little boost at the moment. I’ve chosen our Gold Star Hair Clip to showcase as our Gorgeous Gold Centrepiece. Give yourself a little pat on the back. You know you’re a gold star girl!

gold hair accessories star

Our gold turban headband is the ultimate gold pick-me-up.

gold hair accessories turban headband

For a headband that's easy to weave into your daily style, try our gold luxe head chain

 gold hair accessories headchain

Even pearls can be bathed in Gorgeous Gold, with our gold pearl hair clip.

gold hair accessories pearl clip

For a simple way to get the look, try our classic gold leaf clip.

gold hair accessories leaf clip




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