Gold Leaf Headband for Flirty Feminine Styles

It’s time to get flirty and feminine, with boho chic buns finished off with Queenmee’s elegant gold leaf headband.

The weather may still be a few snowfalls off spring, but we’re not letting that get us down. Today, we’re celebrating feminine style, and brightening up our winter with some fun florals and playful hair updos. The sun may not be shining yet, but our Queenmee hair accessories sure are bringing a smile to our faces this week.

For this look, I have parted my hair down the middle and divided into two pigtails, winding each section of hair into a messy bun and fastening loosely in place with a hair tie. Use hair grips to pin back some of the hair that has fallen loose from the buns. This hairstyle works with both long hair and short hair, and can be finished off with any one of Queenmee's fabulous headbands! Today, I've opted for graceful Grecian style with Queenmee's gorgeous Gold Leaf Headband.

Flirty, feminine and oh so fun, I'll certainly be donning this style again soon!


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