Grab your Gatsby Headband - The 20s are set to Roar Again

From May 17th, and through the summer, British people will slowly emerge from the social restrictions that have hugely limited our lives for over a year. To reflect the nation’s joy at being back together with our friends and families, and a gradual return to precious celebrations like weddings, here at QueenMee Accessories we are launching a new collection of Hair Slides and Brooches inspired by The Roaring Twenties.

With the Bank of England expecting vaccines to power a rapid recovery, and household savings increasing over lockdown, many experts are predicting a recurrence of the 1920s economic boom when Bright Young Things on both sides of the Atlantic celebrated having survived the Great War and the Spanish Flu.

I'm a great believer that we should find joy in dressing up for precious celebrations. Now we have something to toast as we emerge from lockdown, it’s a perfect time to add a unique, expressive hair clip to your updo.

gatsby hair accessory roaring 20s

A symbol of fertility and rebirth, these hair clips feature the snake motif, which was popular in 1920s jewellery, as part of the Egyptian revival. 


Pearls were a prominent feature of 1920s jewellery, as were tassels. The two are combined in these hair slides for a fresh twist!

The art deco movement of the 1920s featured clean lines with strong silhouettes. These art deco inspired hair slides will have you oozing straight into 20s opulence. 

 gatsby accessories roaring 20s

This winged brooch, available in gold or silver, celebrates the 1920s popularity of brooches, and of motifs representing speed. Aeroplanes, gazelles and winged designs were all iconic pieces of the era. 

After a world war and a global pandemic, the Bright Young Things of the 1920s seized the moment and danced their way through the next decade. I’m excited to help us express our joy and relief at having got through our own hugely testing time - with colourful and flamboyant hair accessories and headpieces that are perfect for the new Roaring Twenties era.

gatsby headband roaring 20s

Wear this shimmering headpiece as you dance to jazz until dawn!

The covid pandemic has been hard for everyone, but data shows it has been particularly challenging for women. That’s why our partnership with woman-led charity The Wonder Foundation to empower women, girls and their communities through access to quality education feels particularly important at the moment. 

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