Hair Styling for Easy Vintage Glamour

This week’s style is a fresh, modern take on vintage glamour; bouncing, side-swept curls and a delicate Dutch braid, finished off with with Queenmee Hair Accessories' uber pretty pink heart hair clip.

Dutch braids are very much like French braids, the key difference being that the sections are tucked under, rather than over, and the appearance is of a braid sitting on top of the hair, rather than wound into it. There is a great tutorial here on how to do a dutch braid.

I love this hairstyle for day, evening, work, anything! It’s simple, elegant and utter sophistication, with plenty of pretty and a touch of chic. I am always looking for ways to change up my hairstyles, without having to put in too much extra time and effort. It’s not an elaborate hairstyle by any means, but it still stands out as something just that little bit different, especially when you add a crystal hair clip.

To achieve the look, I used a 28mm barrel curling wand, wrapping each section of hair in different directions to achieve a more textured look. For the braid, I started out as I would doing two braids, and continued until I reached my ear, then fastened the braid in place with a hair grip and fixed the heart hair clip in place over the top. 

Easy, everyday glamour sorted, with the added help of a heart hair clip!

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