Hairstyles for Christmas Party Season

Be a Christmas Queen with Our Hairstyles for Party Season

At QueenMee we love party season and being able to sparkle the night away! It's the best time of the year for dressing up - and of course, shimmering on the dance floor.

We know it can sometimes be hard to style your hair for special events, and especially when you are short on time. If only we could all create a flawless updo in seconds (and so have time for a quick glass of fizz before heading out.)

Instead the reality is often that our hair never looks quite as we want it to, or we often do nothing at all with it. 

So with this in mind, we have come up with 3 hairstyles that are incredibly simple, and quick to create. 

These styles will give you a fabulous lift, and maybe even leave you with enough time for that sneaky glass of bubbles!

1) Keeping it simple with the Sparkliest Slides

A Christmas party season hairstyle using some very sparkly slides on one side of the hair

The easiest and quickest party hairstyle is to use some slides to keep your hair sleek and in place while you dance the night away!

These slides have a delicious disco vibe - but they are so simple to style, and can work with many hair types and textures.

All you have to do for this style is smooth all your hair down and place the slides in your desired place.

If you want to secure fly-aways, or give your hair extra texture (if slides slip on you), use some hairspray on your hair before you put the slides in place. 

We have gone for a positioning just above the ear, but behind the ear also gives a sleek look.

You can either style your slides with 1 on each side, or double up on the sparkle with 2 on one side for the ultimate shimmer.

For an extra glam touch - you can add a curl to your hair as we have in the photos above. However the style still looks fabulous with your hair natural for minimal effort.

For this hairstyle we used our large diamante hair slides which give gorgeous sparkle, and are a classically simple style. The slides come in 4 different colours, so they work with a wide range of outfits. 

Go on - get channelling your inner Disco Queen!

2) Twisted updo with a sparkly claw

Christmas Party Season Hairstyle Updo with a gorgeous Red jewelled claw clip

This simple updo is a great option for party season. Wearing your hair up always feels special, and adding a glimmering hair claw increases the glam factor.

This is a perfect hairstyle for all parties when you want to dance the night away; and want your hair to feel secure and look fabulous all night long!

Securing your Updos with a hair claw adds some extra grip while also adding colour and shimmer to your hairstyle.

While this hairstyle may look complicated it can be created in 5 simple steps to keep your hair secure while you enjoy your night.

1) First gather all your hair into a ponytail and start twisting your hair like we have done in the first picture

2) You then want to start wrapping it around to create the bun shape

3) Once you have a bun, secure it with a hair elastic; then pull out the hair from the centre to give the bun a relaxed feel, and volume.

4) Hey presto - you've got your glam bun! You can pin any loose strands in with a kirby grip

5) The final step is to add your claw for that gorgeous shimmer and extra security

We have so many different options from gold and silver if you want to keep it classic; or for the seasons favourite colour add a pop of bright red like we have!

3) Asymmetric Ponytail with a Headband

Christmas party season one side pony hairstyle with fabulous black sparkly headband

Wearing a statement jewelled headband with your hairstyles is the easiest way to channel your inner Christmas Queen!

For a unique touch to a headband hairstyle, pull your hair into a ponytail on one side for a effortlessly cool look.

This is one of our favourite hairstyles to wear to any party, as it only take seconds if you're in a rush. It is jazzed up with a Jewelled headband for the ultimate party sparkle.

To create this hairstyle start by gathering all your hair onto one side of your head making sure its nice and smooth and secure with the elastic.

Then to hide your elastic  - wrap a section of your hair around it, and secure by tucking it back into the elastic.

Finally to complete your fabulous look - add your jazziest and sparkliest jewelled headband, and you are transformed into the Christmas Party Queen!

We hope you love our top 3 ways to style your hair for Christmas party season, and we have inspired you to get creative. 

We are excited to see how you style your hair for your own Christmas parties!  Comment below, tag your photos on Instagram @queenmee_accessories or email them to us We love seeing your photos, it gives us a wonderful boost :)

with love and thanks 

Amanda and Maddie 


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