Hairstyles for Fine Hair - How to wear Hair Barrettes!

Hairstyles for Fine Hair

I have fine hair, and for a few months, when I started QueenMee, I couldn't figure out a way to wear my own hair barrettes

Every time I went to a party and wore one, it would slip out of my hair. It also felt very heavy in my hair, like it just wouldn't work with my hair type. This was a huge disappointment! Just because I had fine hair, I didn't want to miss out on colourful hair accessories and sparkles.

hairstyles for fine hair hairspray and brush

Then I had an "aha" moment, when I started working with a professional hair stylist on a shoot. She showed me how to backcomb my hair in the area I wanted to wear a hair clip.

hairstyles for fine hair backcomb brush for barrette

This creates a base for the hair barrette. The next step is to apply hairspray to the area. The key here is to apply the spray before you add the hair clip, as hairspray may damage your barrette - so never do this once your hair clip is in place!

 hairstyles for fine hair hairspray for hair clip

I found once I tried this technique, the hair clip would magically stay in place all night!

 hairstyles for fine hair big hair clip

I was so happy to be able to wear my own hair clips, like this statement floral barrette!

This technique even works with the heavier clips. It works at the back of the head, in a half up half down hairstyle, and also at the side of the head. 

My favourite way to wear my heavier hair clips is now on the side. I love the asymmetric, disco vibe of a side-worn hair barrette. Fine hair is not going to stop me sparkling!

I hope you love this hair style tip! Amanda X

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