Headband Hair Styles - 3 Ways to Wear Your Headband

Headband Hair Styles for Fans and Newbies

Are you a seasoned Headband Fan, or are you new to Headbands and how to wear them?

I haven't always worn headbands. I used to think they didn't suit me as I don't like the way my ears stick out. But now I know that I shouldn't have been afraid to experiment - there are lots of different ways to wear them, any number of which can make you feel fabulous!

Headband Hair Styles - Give me a Quick Polish!

In fact now I have fallen in love with headbands because they are so very easy to wear, and make you feel a bit more polished. You don't need to do much with your hair at all, you can just pop your hair band on, and it's instantly a good hair day.

As someone who has always had her hair more or less the same length, and never found it easy creating braided styles or updos, the simplicity of headbands suits me down to the ground. Plus I am always in a rush - headbands are the quickest glamour fix!

Headband Hair Styles - My Top 3

So whilst it is super-easy to style headbands, just to make it even more simple, I thought I would show you my top 3 favourite ways to wear headbands. Which one is your favourite?

1) The Iconic Headband Hair Style

headband hair style sleek

This is the classic way we often think of to wear a headband - and it works well for virtually every headband style.

Brush your hair back, and keep it sleek with a little hairspray to get an even finish and banish fly-aways.

Add a little back combing and hairspray at the crown for extra va-va-voom.

Then slide your headband into place, holding back your hair. 

This look channels iconic headband wearers from history like Ursula Andress. Wear with a sparkle in your eye and watch heads turn!

 2) The Tousled Headband Hair Style

 headband hair style tousled

To create this style I used a Dyson hair wrap, but any curling method will do.

The idea here is to create bounce and waves in your hair, and wear quite a bit of the hair in front of your ears and in front of the headband. 

The headband sits on top of the waves and just tucks in gently behind your ears. 

This is a soft, flattering look that suits most people.

It also works well if you are self-conscious about your ears like I am. 

It's lovely if you are going to a wedding or a special event, and just want to look polished and sparkly!

3) The Relaxed Updo Headband Hair Style

headband hair style relaxed updo

To create this look, I pulled a very small section of hair forwards on each side and separated it from the rest.

Note that the strands at the front need to be the tiniest section of hair! I messed up this video a couple of times by pulling forward too much hair.

Then I plaited the rest of the hair on one side. 

I twisted it into a low bun behind one of my ears. I pulled some hair out to loosen the bun, and then pinned it into a nice shape using hair pins. To hold the bun in place, use hairspray.

Use a curler on the strands at the front if you have straight hair like me.

Finally add your headband, and you have a fabulous style that feels relaxed, but also very special! 

So which Headband Hair Style is your Favourite?

For this post I have chosen to wear our Sparkly Headband in Navy Blue, but any of our hair bands could be styled in this way. 

Padded Headbands are great for giving a big of added lift too (The sparkly headband here has a little padding, but if you would like a higher lift go for our Jewelled Headband in Black for example, or another similar style.)

If you like laid-back vibes, our Braided Headbands have a lovely, boho feel. I find them so easy to dress up or down.

Happy Headband Styling! Amanda X




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