Headband Hairstyle for Lockdown Lift

Headband Hairstyle to the Rescue!

I don't know about you, but my hair is certainly enjoying the break from heat styling and hair products, not to mention the air pollution too! Most hair washing days in this new lockdown life I simply wash my hair, brush it, then leave it to dry. That's it.
And then I get caught on camera with hair that looks like I've just rolled out of bed. I promise you, I have been at my desk all morning!
I realised fairly early on that if I was going to wear pyjamas at my desk, I needed to make more of an effort with my hair. Not wanting to lose the benefits of au naturel hair, I decided to opt for styles that complimented my naturally messy hair, adding some cool new hair accessories to liven up the looks. Headbands and hair clips are my saving grace of a morning! Just add a sparkly hair clip to an otherwise drab hairstyle, and suddenly, no one is looking at the pink spotted pyjama top. 

Headband for Cosy-Boho Style

This look was a lot of fun! A vintage style headband paired with girly boho pigtails. And with my cosy over-sized jumper I felt super cute in this get-up. Fabric headbands are becoming increasingly popular, as they spice up a look whilst still looking super casual and relaxed. I'm a gold girl, so this gold satin headband was me all over, and with it's pretty shimmery finish it adds a touch of glam to my look.

Super-Easy Headband Hairstyle to Achieve

This simple hairstyle is very easy to achieve. I started by placing the headband over my loose hair, and then plaited around the headband. I find this way works well as the hair accessory is then worked into the style, rather than added as an after thought.
Once you have plaited each side, start at the bottom of the plait where you have fastened it with a hair band, and gently pinch some of the hair and pull it up out of the hair band by about half a centimetre. Continue up the plait, evening it out as you loosen the strands. If needed, start at the base again and repeat. I do this two or three times for my hair.
And that's it, another Queenmee hair accessory saving the day!

Headband Hairstyle collage


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