3 Queens in Headbands!

Headbands to Reveal Your Inner Queen

Here at QueenMee Accessories, it is central to our ethos that our customer is our Queen. There is nothing that makes me happier than to see you wearing QueenMee in your own way. I never want to dictate how our pieces should be worn, as each customer has her own, unique, signature style that should be celebrated.

As we celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, I am therefore delighted to feature some of her subjects - 3 of my lovely customers, who in their own ways are Queens, and who have inspired me over the past few months. 

It was very hard to choose which customers to feature, as I am inspired by each of you.

I am so grateful for the beautiful photos you send us. They bring joy to me, my Assistant Celine, and the rest of the QueenMee customer tribe. Thank you, and please keep them coming!

Weightlifting Queen in a Pink Headband - Sarah Wiltshire

Sarah looks beautiful here at a wedding in her blush pink headband. I was so happy when she sent me these lovely photos, and delighted when I found out from her social media that she is a British Weightlifting Champion!

pink headband wedding guest sarah

pink headband wedding guest sarah

Here is Sarah in full splendour as a weightlifter

headband queen

Sarah's ethos: "You are capable of achieving your own dreams. You just have to learn to believe in yourself first".

Sarah won gold in the British Weightlifting Championships 2022, and also finds time to be a Mental Health First Aider. Amazing achievements Sarah; thank you for inspiring us!

Orange Headband Style Queen - Amanda Dudley-Smith

Amanda inspired me when she sent me her stunning photo. She is having chemotherapy and she says "I wear my orange crown with pride when I go shopping and go for chemotherapy, the other ladies having chemo love it when I breeze in all sparkly."

orange headband amanda dudley smith

I hope that if I faced the same situation as Amanda, I would have the bravery to continue to embrace my colourful self, as she does! I love her style, and this photo of her in her orange headband.

Thank you so much Amanda for your photo, and kind words of support.

Queen of Sparkle in her Beaded Headband - Alexandra Winnington

I first met Alexandra when I was designing jewellery in my previous business. Alexandra came to our King's Road shop, and as soon as I met her I was struck by her charm, kindness, and vivaciousness.  I am honoured to have her as a QueenMee customer too.

Alexandra says about QueenMee: "I had had an operation when I ordered my first hair band from QueenMee and was feeling quite low with walking pain. When the hair band arrived, I was so delighted and felt it lifted my spirits. I felt confident going out for the afternoon to see my friends. For me an accessory from QueenMee finishes the look, or lifts a simple outfit into something glamorous."

Thank you for the kind words Alexandra! She continues to inspire me with her enthusiasm, love of sparkle, and her headband styling!

grey headband alexandra

Her beaded headband  suits her so much. A sparkly headband worn with a sparkling smile!

She is beautiful inside and out. Thank you so much Alexandra for all of your support, and the lovely photos you inspire all of us with.

A huge thank you to You too. Every kind word of support, and every photo inspires and motivates me. I couldn't do this without You! Amanda XXX







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