How to Wear a Brooch Pin

How to Wear a Brooch Pin - 3 Simple Styling Ideas to be the Queen of Every Day

Brooches are one of my favourite pieces of jewellery, as they are so versatile and can be styled in a multitude of creative ways.

Many of us associate brooches with Granny's jewellery box; they are treasures with memories and meaning. However brooches can also feel antiquated and sometimes we aren't quite sure how to style a brooch pin.

Rather than feeling frumpy and old-fashioned, the aim is for your brooch to feel like a fabulous touch of vintage chic.

In this list, I have chosen styling tips that are very quick and easy to wear on a regular day. If you wear your brooch pin on clothing that is a usual part of your wardrobe, it's much easier to incorporate the brooch into your look and get the enjoyment from wearing it. 

Whether you are being a school run mum, or a social butterfly, why not be your best, sparkling self, and be the Queen of every day in a special brooch pin!

1) Wear your Brooch Pin on your favourite knitwear

A brooch pin will add sparkle and interest to a warm jumper. This is an ideal look for days when you want to feel cosy, but you don't want to compromise on glamour. 

how to wear a brooch pin

If you place a brooch pin near the neckline (like I have here with our bee brooch); it feels modern, and is also visible, even if you layer on extra knitwear or a jacket.

If you are wearing a V-neck jumper, the brooch pin still works well near the neckline. 

how to wear a brooch pin v neck jumper

It can even work well at the point of the V, depending on the shape of the brooch. Play around and see what you think!

2) Wear Your Brooch Pin on a Jacket

This is the classic place to wear your Brooch Pin, and works with virtually any style of jacket. You can wear your Brooch Pin on your lapel, or on the shoulder of your jacket. 

For a playful twist - mix modern style with vintage inspired style, by wearing your brooch pin on a modern jacket like a denim jacket or a biker jacket.

how to wear a brooch pin on a jacket

3) Wear your Brooch Pin on a Scarf

For Autumn and Spring breezes, scarves are a cosy necessity, but they can feel like a wonderful fashion statement, when you add a brooch.

how to wear a brooch pin on a scarf

I find it easiest to wrap the scarf around my neck, and secure the fabric together using the pin. Choose a motif that will make you, and others smile, like this cute bee brooch

If you are wearing a shawl, the same idea applies. Wrap the whole shawl around your shoulders, and secure the fabric on one side using the brooch pin. 

 Which is your favourite styling idea? Please do comment below. 


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