New Year New Hair Accessories

Happy New Year! Here at Queenmee Hair Accessories, we’re starting the year with a bang... and a touch of sparkle.

Many of you may have hung up your sparkle hats post the Christmas and New Year festivities, putting away that little sequin number with a wistful sigh... until December, you promise...

It’s January, after all, the month of eating healthy, no drinking, no fun, and, well, just general seriousness. Well, we say, what your January really needs is less glum and more glam headbands!

I’m starting my year with some serious hair styling fun. This week, I’ve gone for 60s inspired hair; a classic Brigitte Bardot hairstyle, finished off with Queenmee’s fabulous Black and Gold Flower Headband. It’s an easy hair style to achieve, and doesn’t take too much fiddling around.

I have very fine in-between hair; it’s not particularly curly, though you’d never call it straight. When I wash my hair I have to decide what it’s going to be, and put in a bit of extra effort to help it along; blow dry it straight, or add some extra waves with the curling wand. I LOVE this hair style, because it takes very little effort for fine hair like mine; just rough dry and sweep it back into a messy ponytail. I’ve used hair grips on the top, just above the ponytail, pulling the ponytail forward to add body. I also used a touch or hairspray to help keep things in place, and set the headband in place over the hair grips. At the back, I just tucked the ends of the ponytail under and fastened in place with a couple more hair clips.

Et voilà, the perfect day out in town hair up do, or even a feel-good Friday work hairstyle.


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