Pearl Hair Clips and Pearl Brooches to Celebrate Love

pearl hair clips LOVE

Love is in the hair here at QueenMee Accessories! I always suffer a little from the January blues (I am a sun-lover!), so I am starting to get excited for Valentine's Day, the first mini-celebration of the year. I am a party-lover, as well as a sun-lover as you might have guessed!

In my book, Valentine's Day is a great excuse to eat chocolate (another favourite of mine), get together with loved ones, drink bubbles and wear some pretty pearl hair clips like this personalised gift set. Choose a word hair clip from LOVE, STAR, or KISS, plus your initial!

For me, pearl headbands and pearl hair clips  work beautifully at this time of year, as they can be worn with blacks and neutrals, moving into pastels and brighter colours for Spring. 

pearl hair clip and pearl brooches

Pearls feel deliciously sweet for Valentine's - they always remind me of whipped cream and white chocolate. The perfect little accessory pick-me-ups. 

For a thoughtful Valentine's gift, what could be lovelier than a pearl brooch?
Brooches make wonderful presents, as they can be worn in so many different ways, on a scarf, on a coat, or even in your wedding bouquet, a la fabulous QueenMee customer Lucia!

One of my favourite ways at this time of year to wear a brooch is on a hat. Gorgeous QueenMee customer Gloria shows us her fabulous pearl brooch style here, in her QueenMee turban.

pearl brooch on turban

It feels fitting to celebrate Gloria's style in this Valentine's piece, as Valentine's Day is an important day in her life (read on for her inspiring story). 

Aside from sweetness and celebrations, there is a strong belief at the heart of QueenMee; that Kindness and Love are important. This is obviously my personal belief, and so, whilst some are dismissive of Valentine's Day, I embrace the opportunity to celebrate Love and Kindness. 

Gloria won QueenMee's Kindness Giveaway, (and chose this headpiece!). Her friend, Kazzy, wrote to me with Gloria's story, and I have been drawing on it for inspiration ever since. I share Kazzy's words about Gloria with you below, and I hope you will be inspired by them too. 

With love

Amanda X

"I would like to nominate Gloria Owens who quite frankly is the kindest person I have ever met. When Gloria was first married she was very ill, on dialysis, and had a kidney transplant when she was just 33. Gloria still has that kidney over 40 years now. It was a gift of life to her on Valentines Day. Gloria has never taken this gift for granted and has never failed to thank her donors family on the anniversary of her transplant...

..Over the years Gloria has worked tirelessly for kidney patients in Wales. She sat on the Wales Kidney Patient Association, and volunteered her time to talk with patients or keep them company whilst they underwent hours and hours of dialysis in hospital. Gloria was also very active in helping to change the organ donation law in Wales to "deemed consent" which has no doubt has saved very many other lives...

...She is always there for each and every one of her nephews and nieces, her great nephews and nieces, and even her great great nieces and nephews. Niece's car breaks down - Gloria quietly pays for the repair. Great niece going on holiday - some euros are quietly put in an envelope. Great nephew struggling with driving lessons - ten lessons are quietly paid for....

I have never met any other person in my life who is loved as much as Gloria. They say that we reap what we sow in life, and Gloria's life has always been one of loving and giving. Gloria understands how precious life itself is."



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