Purple Hair Clips and Purple Brooches

Are you a purple lover or loather? I am a purple lover, but couldn't quite put my finger on why I am drawn to purple hair clips above other colours!

So I have found a little research on the colour purple quite fascinating. Firstly, purple is rare in nature - so it is a colour that our ancestors would have found extraordinary.

Historically, purple dye was very difficult and expensive to produce; made from orchids in some cultures, and snail shells in others. This is why Purple has long been associated with nobility and royalty. 

As Purple is created by combining a warm with a cool colour, it interestingly retains both warm and cool properties. On the one hand, purple is traditionally associated with imagination and creativity, on the other, too much purple can be seen to be moody.

But it's the moodiness that I think works so well for late Autumn Accessories; Purple is the colour for darkening days, brisk windswept walks, deep nights (with colourful fireworks on bonfire night!).

I am also fascinated to learn that Purple is the most powerful visible wavelength of electromagnetic energy. Given the gloomy environment we are all facing right now, why not harness Purple's Power with a Purple Pin to see you through to Spring?

dragonfly brooch purple

purple hair clip

This purple hair clip, crafted with oversize crystal is perfect for late Autumn festivities like bonfire night, or an Autumn Wedding. 

purple flower hair clip

Purple flowers are traditionally prized as purple is rare in nature. Celebrate Purple's extraordinary powers with this purple floral hair clip

purple hair clip butterfly

Combine Purple's spirituality with a symbol of change, in this butterfly hair clip



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