Headpieces for Race Day Glamour - the alternative to Hats

Headpieces for Race Day Glamour! 

The races are the best excuse to get dressed up and feel super glamorous! At QueenMee we will use any excuse to wear our best sparkles to make us feel fabulous and the races are the perfect opportunity to do so! 

Nothing is too extravagant at the Races so you can be as Bold, Colourful or Sparkly as you want! Headpieces are the perfect choice for the races if you are looking for a fun alternative to a hat.

They still make you feel like a Queen with so much colour and sparkle! So we have come up with our top headbands that are perfect for Race Day Glamour! 


1) Classic Colour with a Statement

If you want to keep it classic while still making a statement then this is the headband for you! Jewelled headbands are amazing for the races to add some sparkle to your outfit but adding some height with a padded headband replaces the idea of a hat! 

Our Navy Crystal Headpiece is the perfect mix of both! It looks so fabulous as if you have worn your best crown for the races! Navy is an amazing colour that goes with everything so why not start your outfit with the headpiece!  

2) Go Bold with a Bright colour

Going bold with a bright colour is the best way to make a statement at the races especially with some sunny weather! The best thing about a headpiece is all you have to do is pop it on and you're ready to go! 

You can even add a curl to your hair for even more glamour like we have, A jewelled headband will always make you sparkle at all your Race Day events! Our Bright pink jewelled headband is amazing for the perfect pink races look! 

The jewels will sparkle so bright in the summer sunshine so you will feel like a queen all day at the races!

3) Queenly energy with this Crown

The Queenly energy will be radiating from you with this fabulous headpiece! It is the perfect way to make a statement and also look so glamorous at the races!

All you have to do is pop this on and let your headpiece do the talking! Our Black floral headpiece is the ultimate headpiece for Race Day Glamour that will really make you feel like a Queen. 

This is the perfect way to elevate your look in such a simple way that will have you sparkling all day long! You can keep it classic while still elevating your look.


4) Make a statement with Colour and Sparkle

The best way to make a statement is through Colour and Sparkle! and our Colourful Statement Headband is the perfect choice! 

The crystals shine so bright that it will make you feel so fabulous and radiate Queenly glamour all day long! 

This is the perfect headpiece to bring out your colourful queen! Why not pair it with our Colourful Chandelier Earrings too for the ultimate colour sparkle for your races look! 

We hope you love our Headpieces for Race Day Glamour and they make you feel like a Queen!

Have Fun styling them with your fabulous outfits and do send us your Race Day pictures! Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @QueenMee_HairAccessories, or Tiktok @QueenMeeAccessories.

We absolutely adore seeing your photos :)

With love, Maddie & Amanda XXX

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