Retro Meets Boho, with Retro Hair Accessories & Boho Hair Styles

This week we’ve gone a little style crazy, and by crazy, I mean cuckoo crazy… Combining retro scrunchies with boho hairstyles for a playful, girly and downright bold look.

We’re at the tail end of February now, and with all this sunshine you’d think we’d skipped right through March and landed in April already! Alas, all this bright weather will come to an end before spring has fully sprung, but a taster is all we need to lift our spirits and arouse our excitement for the warmer weather to come. And in the meantime, we have bright, sparkly hair accessories and playful, peppy hairstyles to keep us buoyed.

For this look, I used Queenmee’s mermaid blue Crystal Beaded Scrunchie, fastening my hair back into a messy high ponytail, then braiding the tail into a loose fish plait. Fish plaits are actually incredibly easy to do, and are a great way to change up your regular every day hairstyle. Separate your hair into two parts; take a small piece from the right said and add it to the left, then take a small piece from the left side and add it to the right. Continue like this to the end of your ponytail, and there you have it, a simple, stylish fish plait.

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