Rose Gold Hair Clips for Easy Everyday Elegance

It seems that spring has finally arrived here in London, and with the sun set to shine through the weekend, we’re on the lookout for some fresh new hair styles to liven up our look. Today’s style is a new take on the half up half down hairstyle, combining a dutch braid and a fishtail plait, and finishing off with some rose gold sparkle hair accessories for added elegance.

Hair claw clips are a great way to jazz up your look, and can be added to almost any hairstyle; just clip the hair jaws over your ponytail, or fasten the hair claw to the side of your bun. For this look, I have fastened the hair claw clip between the dutch braid and the fishtail plait of my half up half down hair style, however you can easily just sweep your hair back into a simple half up half down style and fasten in place with the hair claw clip.

To achieve this hairstyle, start with a centre braid, weaving the strands under instead of over to achieve the dutch braided style. When you have reached halfway, plait the tail an inch further without adding any more hair to the braid, then fasten the braid with a hair tie.

Fasten the hair claw clip in place just above the hair tie, then you may remove the hair tie. Alternatively, you can fasten the hair claw clip over the hair tie for a more secure hairstyle - this is a good trick if you have very fine hair. Take the remaining tail below the hair clip and fasten into a fishtail plait; separate your hair into two parts, then take a small piece from the right said and add it to the left side, then take a small piece from the left side and add it to the right. Continue like this to the end of your tail, and fasten in place with a hair tie.

Now put on a pretty frock and head out to enjoy the sunshine!

Happy Easter!

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