Silver Hair Clips for Wedding Guests: Our Top 5

Sparkle in Silver with these wonderful Silver Hair Clips for Wedding Guests 

It is now officially wedding season and we are so excited here at QueenMee!

We all love an excuse to get dressed up at the QueenMee HQ and love to accessorise with all of our best hair accessories and sparkle all day long! 

When you are a Wedding Guest it can be so hard to decide what to do with your hair and how to elevate your hairstyles too! 

These Silver Hair Clips are the perfect choice to add some shimmer to your look and also make your hair feel fabulous! They will definitely bring out your inner Queen! 

Here are our Top 5 Silver Hair Clips for Wedding Guests and how to style them


1) Side Bun With Silver Hair Claw

A Bun is such a classic and glamorous hairstyle that so many of us love to wear everyday! They can be made super glamorous and chic especially with a silver hair clip which is perfect for your Wedding Guest Hair 

To create this stylish hairstyle, start by smoothing all your hair over to one side and gather into a ponytail at the bottom behind your ear. 

Then start twisting and pulling your hair around to create a bun shape, use large bobby pins to secure in places rather that a hair bobble and pull to create volume!

The final shimmering touch to this wedding guest hairstyle is to add your Silver Hair Clip! We have used our Large Silver Crystal Claw Clip to add some shine and also extra hold to your hair! 

While this hairstyle is super elegant and perfect for any wedding guest look - it can be created in minutes so you still have time to grab a glass of bubbly before you head out!

2) Vintage Hair Comb half up half down

A Hair Comb can be such a classic hair accessory to reach for when you want to make your hair look special for an event - especially as a wedding guest. 

You can just slide it into so many different hairstyles to have that added shine! 

A Half up Half down hairstyle lends itself partically well to a fabulous hair comb and here's how you can create it

Start by gathering 2 sections from the front of your hair and pull them towards the back- to secure these pieces in place add your Silver Hair Clip!

For this hairstyle we have used our Vintage Hair Comb for our Silver Hair Clip for a touch of vintage sparkle!

Then grab 2 more pieces from the front and cross them over towards the back to over the comb, secure these using hair grips for a seamless look. 

Framing your face is always such a lovely touch to your hairstyle so pull some pieces out around your face - add a curl for some glamour and you're ready to go!

This Silver Hair Clip style is definitely one for our Classic Queens

3) Braided UpDo with Silver Crystal Hair Clip 

If you want a more creative way to show off your Silver Hair Clips with your wedding guest look, then this hairstyle is the one for you!

While it may look confusing this hairstyle isn't too hard to create and also looks so fabulous slightly messy for an undone look! It is the perfect way to showcase your Silver Hair Clip.

First start by gathering all your hair at one side of your head towards the front, making sure the rest of your hair is smooth. 

Then start braiding your hair and start working it around your head to create the crown shape until you get to the start and can pin it in place!

If you know how to french braid then you can also use that technique all the way around your head to create the crown! (for our talented hair styling Queens) 

Take hair grips and pin your braid all around your head to create the crown shape fit for a Queen and pull for extra volume! If you really want an tosuled look then you can pull out some bits at the front!

Add your Silver Hair Clip at the back and you're ready to sparkle and shine all night long! Our Silver Rhinestone Hair Clip is the perfect Silver Hair Clip to make a statement!


4) Silver Wing Slides at the Front 

This is such an easy way to style your Silver Hair Clips as a wedding guest that requires no time at all, If you're in a rush or want to spend more time with your loved ones then this hairstyle will have you feeling Queenly in seconds!

Whether you want to wear your hair natural, straight or curly these silver hair clips will make your hair sparkle!

Simply smooth your hair down on one side behind your ear and take your first Silver Hair Clip and slide it in level with your eye.

Take the second one and slide it in so it is level with your ear and slightly behind! We then added a slight curl to the hair to make it feel more glamorous as being a wedding guest means using every excuse to get super glam and dressed up!

Our Silver Winged Hair Slides are wonderful for this look and will keep your hair in perfect shape all night while you dance away! 

5) Half Up Half Down Bun Silver Hair Claw 

The last Hairstyle we have for all our Silver loving Wedding Guests this season is a Half up Half Down Bun!

This hairstyle is so cute and is made so much more amazing with our fabulous Silver Hair Clip

There is never too much sparkle, especially if you are a silver lover! To create this hairstyle, take the top section of your hair and gather into a ponytail on top of your head. 

Start twisting to create the bun shape and secure with a hair elastic, always pull your bun to create your desired shape and to add more volume. The final touch to this fabulous hairstyle is to add your Silver Hair Clip!

We have used our sparkling silver diamante hair claw to finish off this look! 

Those were our top 5 Silver Hair Clips for Wedding Guests and the fabulous ways you can style them!

Make sure to send us photos of how you style your Silver Hair Clips and your Wedding Guest looks. It brightens our day when we see your Queenly photos!

Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @QueenMee_HairAccessories, or Tiktok @QueenMeeAccessories.

We absolutely adore seeing your photos :)

With love, Maddie & Amanda XXX

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