Soft Hairstyles Made Fabulous with Diamante Hair Clips

For today’s do we’ve gone soft and simple, pairing bold and bright hair accessories with a floaty, feminine hairstyle.

I had a manic, fun-filled weekend just past, filled with everything from dinners and cinemas to baking and blogging. Fortunately, my hair was looking pretty fresh, if not a little tired and boring, so when Sunday afternoon came around and I had just minutes to spare before dashing out the door to a fancy afternoon tea, I of course turned to my trusted Queenmee hair accessories to save the day with a bold and fabulous diamante hairclip!

A slightly different take on the half up half down style, I have swept my hair over one shoulder and fastened the hair clip just behind my ear. I love this look, as it’s soft, pretty and sophisticated, with Queenmee’s gorgeous red flower barrette taking centre stage.

A simple hairstyle to achieve, all you will need to do is sweep your hair over one shoulder, then take a section from the top; around 1/3 for thick hair, and 2/3 for finer hair. Fasten the hair clip over the upper section of hair, et voila, a fabulous feminine hair style, and you’re afternoon tea ready!

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