Sparkly Hair Claw Style on the Go - Tis the Season to Sparkle!

With boxes of crystal hair grips, jewelled headbands and enamel pins being wrapped in the QueenMee Accessories office, and a multitude of parcels having been sent to worldwide destinations, it is finally time for us to take a little time for ourselves, and snatch up the last remaining Christmas gifts on our lists!

I think about Christmas presents well in advance, my real issue is indecisiveness. The thought I'm constantly plagued with in the lead up to Christmas... “It’s nice, but is it the perfect gift?” . The truth is, there is no one perfect gift. There are a multitude of factors that come into play in the perfection level evaluation of a gift, but the most important, and the only one that's really relevant when it comes down to it, is the purity of purpose in the simple act of giving; to bring joy to someone else.

And so the 20th December comes out of nowhere and I’m suddenly running around like a mad woman, with a hairstyle to match! But, with my collection of QueenMee sparkly hair accessories, at least my hair is only one step away from looking great! Even when I’m dashing out the door with seconds to style my hair, a simple diamante hair claw clip can turn my wayward locks from Christmas crazy to festive fabulous.

For this hairstyle, I’ve gone super simple. Toss your hair over to one side, then sweep half of it back as though creating a side half up half down style. Give the tail a half twist over on itself, then fasten in place with QueenMee’s Gold Rhinestone Hair Claw Clip.

This time of year, I can never get enough sparkle. We hope your QueenMee Accessories gifts give Joy to their Recipients. Happy Christmas!

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