Summer Holiday Hair Accessories: Our Top 5 Favourites

Summer Holiday Hair Accessories to make you shine bright in the sunshine!

The summer holidays are here, and at QueenMee we are all excited for some sunshine and relaxation. Plus maybe some accessorizing, and one or two summer cocktails. (Why not match your cocktail to your hair accessories for extra dress-up fun?)

Having your hair looking fabulous can sometimes be hard on holiday, when you're getting in and out of the pool and dealing with the heat. 

We've got a range of Summer Holiday Hair Accessories up our sleeve that will keep your hair looking amazing while also being practical, They will have you sparkling all day long.

So without further ado - Our Top 5 Summer Holiday Hair Accessories to make you feel like a Summer Queen!

Summer Hair Accessory no 1 - The Jewelled Headband 

Jewelled Headbands are the easiest way to add some sparkle to your look, it literally takes 2 seconds and you're ready to sparkle all night long.

If you're running from the pool to dinner, and only have a few minutes to get ready (but still want to feel like a movie star), then a Jewelled Headband is the summer hair accessory for you.

I'm a jewelled headband addict for exactly that reason. I'm with my daughter in the photo above, and as a busy mum of two, I always needs to get ready very quickly. 

My favourite is our yellow headband with pearls - to give you the summer sparkle that you need! 

Once you've washed your hair from the pool, simply pop on your Jewelled Headband and you're ready to go. Your Crown will do the talking! 

You can either leave your hair natural, or maybe add a curl if you want to go a bit more glam for a special evening dinner.

Summer Hair Accessory no 2 - The Sparkly Hair Clip 

Half up Half Downs are the perfect stylish but practical hairstyle, they keep your hair out your face in the pool and hot weather, but also make you feel fabulous.

The easiest way to elevate your half up half down holiday hair is with a Sparkly Hair Clip. It's a classic hairstyle, and using a special hair clip really adds something extra. 

I always try to bring a Sparkly Hair Clip  with me in my Summer Holiday Hair Accessories bag, because it's a practical piece that really elevates my look for evenings. 

To create a half up half down hairstyle, simply gather half your hair at the back of your head, making sure it's nice and smooth, and use your sparkly hair clip to hold it in place.

If you're worried about it slipping, try crossing two bobby pins underneath the clip, and then close the barrette on top. 

In this photo I'm wearing our Blue Large Rose Crystal Hair Clip, and it felt like the perfect accessory to enjoy a cocktail and sunset evening.  

Summer Hair Accessory No 3 - The Braided Headband

Sometimes on holiday, laid back and natural is the best. The beauty of a headband is that it adds a glam finishing touch to your look, without having to style your hair. 

Find sunglasses and headband that coordinate, throw on a kaftan, and you are away. 

For boho Beach Queen vibes, nothing beats a Braided Headband. They can be dressed up for evening, or dressed down for the beach.

Why not have fun coordinating your drink with your headband too? Could be interesting if blue is your favourite headband colour....

The Yellow Braided Headband I'm wearing in this photo is my personal favourite, and coordinates particularly nicely with a mango mojito.

Summer Hair Accessory No 4 - The Sparkling Hair Claw

We all need our hair up in the pool while we are relaxing and enjoying a cocktail or even going for a swim to cool off! 

But here at QueenMee we do love an opportunity to sparkle. 

Which is why our Hair Claws are the sparkling touch you need for your pool days! 

Hair Claws are practical for getting all your hair up and out of you're face, while still making you feel like a Stylish Queen. 

To create the perfect Pool Hair Claw Hairstyle, start by gathering your hair into a ponytail and twist around to create a bun shape, Grab your favourite Hair Claw and secure your hair at the side of the bun. 

You'll be the sparkliest Queen at the pool.

I created this hairstyle using our Silver Diamante Hair Claw (unfortunately I couldn't find a drink to coordinate with this one, watch this space for a pink hair claw to match a strawberry daiquiri). 

Summer Hair Accessory No 5 - The Chain Headband 

We have saved our best Summer Holiday Hair Accessory and Hairstyle to last as this one is just amazing!

If you love a Boho Chic look then this is going to be your favourite Holiday Hairstyle.  It works well for hair that is shoulder length or longer. 

It's a fantastic style for when your hair is damp still from swimming (like mine was in this photo), or when it's windswept and you need to keep everything in place. 

Chain Headbands create this look. They are elasticated at the bottom, which means they are light and comfortable, as well as being versatile for different outfits and hairstyles.

To create this fabulous twisted updo which looks amazing for an evening out, or just for lounging by the pool -  all you need is your Chain Headband.

Start by popping your Chain Headband over your hair, leaving the elastic sitting on top of your hair at the back.

Then start at one side, and take sections, tucking the hair into the elastic.Move from one side to the other, adding more hair as you go until you have tucked all your hair into the elastic! 

It will end up looking like mine does in the photo and while it may look complicated, its so easy to create!

It's meant to be a laid-back style, so don't worry if the odd bit of hair isn't perfectly in place, it's about an overall effect rather than perfection. If your hair is on the short side, you many need some kirby grips to pin in the last few strands. 

Our Daisy Chain or Leaf Chain headband would both be perfect for this look for some added sparkle and shine!

We hope you like our Top 5 Summer Holiday Hair Accessories and the easy ways you can wear them to make you sparkle! 

Make sure to send us photos of how you style your Holiday Hair Accessories. It brightens our day when we see your Queenly photos!

Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @QueenMee_HairAccessories, or Tiktok @QueenMeeAccessories.

We absolutely adore seeing your photos :)

With love, Maddie & Amanda XXX



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