Wedding Hair Accessories - Make A Joyful Statement

The weddings that mark the next chapter of our history will be jubilant affairs. We have come through a time of frustration and bitter disappointment, as wedding after wedding has been postponed or cancelled.

I have always been so honoured to be a small part of weddings, by decorating the heads of brides, bridesmaids and wedding guests with my headbands and hair clips. To have one of my headpieces worn at such a special occasion is the cherry on top of my job.

wedding hair accessories vintage headband

This vintage inspired headband  has been a hit because of its joyful floral styling, and works well for brides, and sparkling wedding guests.

I personally adore attending weddings - the joy of young and old coming together to celebrate Love, and wish the wedded couple a lifetime of happiness. I love getting dressed up (and donning my favourite QueenMee jewelled headband!), drinking bubbles and dancing; making new friends. The best of life. 

wedding hair accessories headband

This pink jewelled headband is my current favourite, as it does make such a colourful statement, with just the right amount of padding

So I am beyond excited, that all being well, soon restrictions on weddings will be lifted. I think we will all want to make the most joyful statement we can with our outfits, and wedding hair accessories, as we come together, (with no restrictions on numbers or dancing!) to celebrate. 

wedding hair accessories colourful hair clip

This colourful hair clip can be worn at the back of the head, or on the side of the head, instead of a fascinator. 

Whether you are the bride, looking for a statement wedding headpiece, or a friend or family member, looking for a wedding guest headband, I hope to inspire you with colour and creativity.

wedding hair accessories headband

This gold headpiece features flowers and cherubs, jubilating in the joys of love!

Maybe you can't even imagine getting dressed up again, after so long, or perhaps you are like me -  already dusting off your dancing shoes. Either way, I hope one or two of these hair accessories will inspire you to make a joyful statement at the next wedding, or special party you attend!

wedding hair accessory bow headband

Wear a big bow to celebrate love and life! This headband can be dressed up or down, and comes in a range of colours. 

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