Wedding Hairstyles and Feather Hair Accessories for Laid-back Glamour

Wedding season is nearly upon us! I, myself, am going to my first wedding of the year in less than two weeks and couldn't be more excited, so I have been trying out some fresh new hairstyles in preparation for the day.

So far, this boho braided side ponytail is the winner, as it is perfect for the low-key vineyard wedding I will be attending. I have a simple, elegant blue dress, so Queenmee Hair Accessories’ gorgeous Blue Feather Hair Clips will set this look off perfectly. A touch of boho to an otherwise glam look, giving an air of whimsical sophistication.

To achieve this hair style, I started with a deep side part. It doesn’t have to be perfectly straight, and feel free to angle the part if that’s where your hair wants to sit; the hairstyle is unstructured, so a touch of imperfection will work in your favour! I left my hair natural, but you could use a medium to small barrel curling wand to add a bit of texture if needed.

Take a 2 inch section of hair from the part all the way down to the ear; this will be for your dutch braid. Start your braid at the part and work your way down along the hairline, picking up small sections of hair until you reach your ear, then plaiting the remaining hair to the ends.

Sweep your hair over to the braided side, then take a small section of hair from underneath. Use this small section of hair to wind around the rest of your hair like a hair band, fixing it into a low, side ponytail. Fasten the wound section of hair in place with 2 - 3 hair grips and a touch of hair spray. Alternatively, you can use a hair band for the ponytail and wind a small section of hair around to cover the hair band. Once you have added your feather hair clips (be sure to add them last after you have finished with the hair spray), your Boho Braided hairstyle is complete!


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