Down Hair Hairstyles

Down Hairstyles with Shine

Sometimes you don't want to have to create a hairstyle and just want to rock your natural hair down! However there are so many ways to even jazz up your hair while its down and add some sparkle and shine that you always love!


Headbands with your Hair Down 

Headbands are the easiest hair accessory to wear when you have your hair down! They take no effort at all - you simply pop them on and you're ready to go! We have so many to choose from so whether Jewelled Headbands, Pearl Headbands or Padded headbands are your thing. We have one to bring out your inner Queen!

Jewelled Headband with Hair Down 

Jewelled headbands are the perfect way to shine all day long! All you have to do is pop them on and you're ready to go! We have used our Blue Vintage Jewelled Headband for this style which is perfect for everyday while still making you shine! 

Padded Headbands with Hair Down

Padded headbands are the perfect way to make a statement with your Hair Down! It really lets your Headband do the talking and makes you feel like you're wearing your Crown! 

Our Bright Blue Jewelled Padded Headband is the perfect way to make a statement at any weddings or special events you may have! The Jewels make it feel super glamorous too so it's also perfect for the races! 

Knot Headbands with Hair Down for Everyday

Knot headbands are amazing for everyday when you just want to chuck something on and get out the door! Our knot Headbands come in a fabulous silky fabric or a wonderful velvet! 

We have used our Blue velvet knot headband for this look which is the perfect pop of colour for everyday and the velvet makes you feel more glamorous! Headbands are the perfect way to jazz up your hair when it's down!

Layering up Hair Slides

hairstyles down pearl grips

Hair Slides are amazing accessories that take no effort at all to style! Simply all you have to do is slide them in and you're ready for your day - You can even layer them up like we have for more sparkle and glamour. 

We have used our Gold Pearl Clips with diamante for this hairstyle on one side of the hair for a asymmetric look and also for the perfect touch of pearly glamour to your day!

Hair Slides At The Back

down hair styles diamante grips

These diamante hair slides look wonderfully sparkly, when worn with a simple twist, behind the head. They are the perfect easy way to add sparkle to your hair when you're in a rush! It's also a super practical way to keep your hair out of your face while looking super stylish!