Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Hairstyles for Fine Hair - a Quick and Glamorous Fix


Hair Clips for Fine Hair

Love statement hair clips, but struggle to keep them from slipping out of your fine hair?

I have this problem myself. My top tip is just to use a comb and some hair spray to fix the problem, it's super quick and easy.

First back-comb the hair a little where you want to fix the clip. Next spray some hair spray over the area. Finally add your clip, and you will find it magically stays in place for hours! Just be very careful not to get hairspray anywhere near your clip, as it will damage it. Always put the clip in place after you have sprayed the hair you want to secure. This trick has transformed the way I can style my own fine hair. I hope you find it useful too! It's great for half up, half down styles, and also for wearing a sparkling clip on the side of your head (as you can see in this shot).

I have written a blog post on this trick if you would like more info! 

Headbands for Fine Hair

Another idea is to wear statement headbands over smoothly brushed, fine hair. Padded headbands work beautifully with fine hair, as the headband does the talking, and your fine hair lets the statement headband work its magic. You will feel very Queenly wearing a padded piece! This model has fine hair, and looks fantastic wearing a statement headband.

Happy Styling! Amanda X (QueenMee Accessories Founder)