Short Hair Hairstyles

Short Hair Hairstyles for Sparkle

With the right hair accessories, it is easy to add sparkle to short hair. Headbands lend themselves particularly well to short hair, as your hair can be cropped, and show off a jewelled headband beautifully.

short hair hairstyles padded headband

This pearl headband lends a 1980s twist to short hair.

Small hair clips are great for adding extra interest to short hair, even when you are wearing it down.

short hair hairstyles small barrette 

Our leaf barrette adds classic, vintage-inspired sparkle, and is neatly proportioned, light and perfect for short hair. 

Small hair claws can work beautifully when worn with a twist, or even a side braid, on short hair. 

short hair hairstyles hair claw

Our small rose gold hair claw is beautifully jewelled, yet light and easy to wear.