Updo Hairstyles

Updo Hairstyles with Extra Sparkle

Updo hairstyles are so versatile and can be worn for so many different occasions so whether it be a wedding or girls night out, Or you are just in a rush in the morning we have come up with our favourite updo hairstyles for you!

Of course we never hold back on the sparkle here at QueenMee so we know you will all be feeling like Queens with these styles  


Effortless Hair Claw High Bun

This is a classic updo for so many of us that is just perfect for those busy mornings when we are rushing out the door - But still want our hair to look fabulous! 

To create this hairstyle all you need to go is gather your hair into a high ponytail and twist into a bun shape- and then secure using your Hair Claw. 

We have used our Blue Crystal Hair Claw for this hairstyle - You can also leave some pieces of hair out like we have for a more undone look! Hair Claws are the perfect accessory for quick fabulous updos! 


Hair Bun with a Crystal Hair Claw

If you are looking for a more polished updo for your special events then this hair bun with a crystal hair claw! This looks so glamorous but is so easy to create! 

All you need to do is gather your hair into a ponytail in the middle of your head and then start wrapping around to create a neat bun shape. You then want to secure this with a hair elastic - then start to pull it to create your fullness with your hair bun! 

The final step is to add your Crystal Hair Claw for a touch of sparkle to finish your hairstyle - we used our red crystal hair claw for this but all our Hair Claws would look fabulous! 


Mini Bun Hair Claw Hairstyle

Following on from our other bun hairstyles why not try a mini bun with a Hair Claw! This is such a cute hairstyle that is perfect for those days where you need a quick hairstyle to get you out the door! 

Simply gather half your hair and create a bun shape at the top of your head - and secure with your Hair Claw! We have used our floral hair accessory for this hairstyle for the perfect touch of floral sparkle!  


Twisted Updo with Hair Slides

This is a wonderfully glamorous Updo that is perfect for your special events! It is perfect for any weddings or parties you're attending where you want to feel like a Queen!

We have used Hair Slides to bring that sparkle to your Updo and while it may look complicated it's super easy to do! To start Gather your hair into a ponytail towards one side of your head and start twisting! 

As you start twisting it around to create the shape in the picture use hairspray and hair grips to secure your style in place so you can dance the night away. Once you have your desired shape the last step is to add some sparkle using our Black diamante hair slides! These are the perfect statement slides to finish your look and make you feel fabulous!


Simple Bun with a Hair Bow

Wearing your hair in a Bun is such a staple hairstyle and the perfect easy way to throw your hair up and get out the Door! But there are so many ways to make your hair buns even more fabulous and special! 

For this Updo style all you have to do is gather your hair into a sleek bun in the middle of your head and pop a large bow at the top for some Drama! All Hair Bows look so fabulous with this Hairstyle but we have used our white satin hair bow for a more classic chic look! 

However for more Va-Va Voom you could use our Pink Long Satin Hair Bow which feels super glamorous! 


Chain Headband and a Low twisted Updo

We know Chain Headbands can sometimes be super hard to style but this is the perfect way to create such a fabulous Updo using only your Chain Headband! 

Simply pull your chain headband all over your head with the Jewels sitting at the front and the elastic at the bottom of your neck. You then want to take sections of your hair and start wrapping them around the elastic - adding more as you go along until all of your hair has been wrapped around! 

You are then left with such a fabulous hairstyle that only took a few minutes to create, this is perfect for all your holidays coming up for those evening dinners after a fun day at the pool! Our Gold Chain Headband or Vintage crystal headband would be perfect for this style to bring some shine!