1920s Headpieces to Celebrate Downton Style

1920s headpieces

1920s Headpieces for your inner Movie Star

With the new Downton Abbey film due to hit cinema screens today, here at QueenMee Accessories, we are celebrating by wearing 1920s headpieces at any opportunity, and generally immersing ourselves in all things Downton-esque!

We are happy to have a wide range of Gatsby-inspired headbands, hair clips and tiaras, so we have plenty of dressing up to do!

I am a huge Downton fan, and every time I have binge-watched Downton I have drunk in the details of the costumes (and of course the headpieces).

I love Lady Mary's classic silver headband (elements of it like our Gatsby Headband pictured above) , and Lady Edith's starry forehead headpiece. We often saw Lady Rose in a skull cap, and Cora, Lady Grantham in a dazzling tiara. Oh the headpiece visual feast!

The series and first film inspired me hugely, and I cannot wait to see what dress-up treats the second film has in store!

1920s Headpieces worn at every opportunity

Headwear was de rigueur in the 1920s, and ladies wore hair combs, hair slides, headbands and tiaras at dinner. (Oh how I wish I had been a Lady in that decade!)

During the day they would wear a hat or a scarf. Brooches were also very popular.

Peacock feathers were a popular motif, and so feature in many of our headpieces, such as this 1920s-inspired hair clip

1920s headpiece peacock hair clip


How you can wear 1920s Headpieces 

Short hair was the most fashionable style of the decade, with the classic 1920s bob (as sported by Lady Mary) so if you already have short hair, you are one step ahead. You could simply pop in this peacock clip, or a fabulous 1920s headpiece!

If you have long hair, you can try a braid crown, like the brunette model is wearing in the photo above. This also works well to support tiaras on the head. 

Alternatively, a low bun worn at the side of your head, behind the ear, is a simple way to achieve a 1920s look.

1920s headpieces white

If hair styling is not your strong point, fear not. With the right accessory you can achieve a 1920s look with ease, with no need to wear your hair up. 


1920s headpieces

This 1920s inspired fascinator is very similar to a piece that Lady Edith wore in the Downton Abbey series, but it is such a strong piece that it does the talking over your hairstyle. I loved wearing it! 

 1920s headpieces feathers

Likewise this black 1920s headpiece with signature peacock feathers (that's me again wearing it here) is such a piece of fluffy fabulousness, your headband will do the 1920s talking!

I hope you have fun watching the film, and indulging in a little Downton Dressing Up!

Love, Amanda XXX





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