Hair Clips for Fine Hair: 3 Easy Styling Ideas

Easy Hairstyles for Fine Hair to make you feel fabulous!

We want fine haired Queens to celebrate their inner sparkle, just as much as those lucky Queens with thick hair. 

Amanda, QueenMee Creator, has fine hair, and is in our photos here. She loves helping fine-haired customers to style their hair at our Pop Up Shops, and so we have put together these ideas to help you feel hair-fabulous. We hope you love them!

It can sometimes be hard to find hair clips for fine hair, and small hair clips tend to be most effective, as they are lighter. 

Each of our 3 Easy Hairstyles for Fine hair features a small hair clip, which will hold your hair back, but with a touch of added sparkle. They are pretty as well as practical!


1) Half up Half down bun with a Mini Hair Claw

When you are in a rush but still need your hair to look fabulous, then a half up half down bun is perfect for the Queen with fine hair! 

This is such an easy hairstyle to create and is made even easier when using a Hair Claw.

Hair Claws are the best hair accessory when you're in a rush, as they work with the Messy Bun look, and adding a luxe claw elevates the look in a flash. 

All you have to do to create this hairstyle is gather half of your hair near the top of your head - it can be as high as you like. 

Then start twisting the hair into a mini bun shape at the top of your head and secure with a Hair Claw! It's so simple!

Hair Claws are a great way to create this style, as they allow you to add volume in the hair too - you can push the hair at your crown up slightly with a hair claw. 

We have used Mini Tortoiseshell Hair Claw which is perfect for a delicate pop of shimmer to your hair! 

2) Twists on each side with Mini Flower Hair Claws 

This is the perfect hairstyle for the days where you want your hair out of your face- while still looking fabulous!

Mini hair claws are perfect for fine hair as they are light, and don't weigh your hair down, but allow you to create volume. 

To create this twisted hairstyle, take a strand of your hair from the front on one side and start twisting it. 

You then pull the twisted strand to the side or back of your head and secure using your hair claw. Then repeat this process on the other side to perfect your twisted hairstyle.

We have used our mini flower hair claws which come in both Pink and White. These are the perfect hair claws to unleash your inner Flower Queen!

You could also style both your Claws on one side of your hair like we have below. Just take 2 small sections on one side and clip them above your ear. It's a pretty look, which is great if you like one side of your hair pinned back. 

To get even more creative take your Pink flower hair claws and repeat on the other side to give you the ultimate floral sparkle to your hair!


3) Hair pinned on one side with crystal leaf clip

An asymmetric hairstyle is always a fun way to be creative and is also perfect for fine hair!

There are many hair clips that will look lovely with this hairstyle - whether you choose a small hair clip, vintage hair clip or maybe even some Hair Slides. The possibilities are varied, and once you get into this style, you can choose different hair clips to match your outfit.

To create this hairstyle all you need to do is take one section of your hair and smooth it down on one side, then take your favourite clip to add some sparkle to your hair and keep it in place.

We have used our Small Vintage Leaf Hair Clip for the perfect touch of vintage sparkle to your look.

We hope you like these Simple Hair Styling Ideas, and they help you to get creative in styling your hair. 

Make sure to send us photos of your hairstyles! It brightens our day when we see your photos.

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We absolutely adore seeing your photos :)

With love, Maddie & Amanda XXX

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