Hair Slides Styling Guide: 5 Simple Ways to Wear a Pair

Which is your favourite way to wear your Hair Slides?

Hair Slides are always in style. Simple, elegant, and practical too, they are a hair accessory classic.

Maddie and I often get asked at our Pop Up shops how to style a pair of Hair Slides. In fact - there are many ways to style them. You can get creative with your slides, and wear the pair in different ways.

Here are our Top 5 Simple Ways to Wear your Hair Slideswe hope you have fun trying the styles out and getting creative. 


1) Hair Slides at the back 

Practical and pretty - this hairstyle sweeps your hair from your face, and creates a statement look at the back of your head.

It can be created in only a few minutes, and is beautifully effective. Simply take two sections from the front of your hair - and pull them towards the back. Make sure to keep them nice and smooth for that sleek look!

For this hairstyle it's helpful to have a second mirror, so you can get the right positioning of the hair slides at the back - but if you don't have one, then just feel with your fingers. 

Finally secure with your gorgeous Black diamante hair slides and you are ready to go! 


2) 2 Hair Slides Worn High (Above the Ear)

Double up on your Hair Slides for the ultimate sparkle, and brighten your day!

Our Red diamante hair slides are also the perfect pop of colour, to give you an extra lift. 

To create this look, choose a positioning above your ear, and at the side of your head. Put one of your Hair Slides above the other, and adjust so they sit parallel to each other.

Your Hair Slides will help keep your hair in place, and off your face - as well as looking delightfully sparkling and chic. 


3) Hair Slides worn high - 1 on each side

This is the classic way to wear your Hair Slides - it's playful and practical too. 

This hair style is the best way to keep your hair completely off your face - with of course some added QueenMee sparkle!

To create this hairstyle first start with smoothing your hair down at the front - maybe even use a touch of serum or gel to keep fly-aways in place. This will create a nice sleek look for when you add your hair grips.

Then pick your favourite Hair Slides, We have used our blue diamante hair slides as a contrast against our model's amazing red hair. Our pearl hair slides would also look fabulous, and create a more classic look. 

Pop your Hair Slides in place, 1 on each side of your smoothed-down centre parting, and add bright lips for extra playfulness.

This hairstyle has definite Studio 54 Disco Vibes - wear with a sequin dress for a night to remember!


4) 2 Hair Slides Worn with an Updo 

Get creative with your Hair Slides, and add them to a glamorous updo. Wearing your hair up is perfect for a special night out. 

To create this hairstyle gather your hair into a low ponytail with your hands, and twist the length of the hair up your head. Hold that twist firmly against your head. If your hair has extra length, fold that hair back into the twist. 

Then start rolling your hair around from one side to create the French Twist shape. 

Next use some kirby grips in the twist to secure the hair in place. Start from the bottom and work your way up. 

The final stage is where your fabulous Hair Slides come in! Slide them close together on one side of your hair for the ultimate glamorous look. Our black diamante hair slides are perfect for special nights out. 

This style is the most amazing Updo Hairstyle which is perfect for your special nights out! 


5) 2 slides worn low (below the ear)

This hairstyle is for you if you like to keep your hair tucked behind your ear; but want something secure and glamorous too! Wearing your Hair Slides together on one side creates a sparkling, statement look.    

To create this look, slick your hair back on one side behind your ear. This is one of Amanda's favourite styles, and she likes to use hairspray to help keep her hair smooth and in place.

Next, slide your sparkling grips in place behind the ear - one above the other.

Our Crystal Hair Slides are extra long, and so ideal for this style, as they hold a good amount of hair. 

We hope you love our Top 5 ways to style your Hair Slides.

Whichever way you choose; have fun styling, and step into your inner Queen!

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We absolutely adore seeing your photos :)

With love, Maddie & Amanda XXX

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