Pearl Headband Perfection: 5 Simple Ways to Wear this Timeless Accessory

A Pearl Headband will elevate your look in an instant

Pearl Headbands are a fantastic accessory to have in your collection, as they are so versatile and make you feel like a movie star!

Whether you are getting dressed up for a fancy event or just meeting your girls for lunch then a Pearl Headband will elevate your look.

When we do our Pop Up Shops, many customers ask if pearls are just for brides - and the answer is a resounding no! they are perfect as a day to day accessory. 

Amanda (QueenMee Creator) loves to wear pearls as they work with so many of her outfits, and are a soft, flattering tone close to her face. 

QueenMee Assistant, and Fashion Design Student Maddie loves her pearls too. Maddie likes to mix classic pieces like a striped shirt, with dress down jeans, and a pearl headband brings the whole look together perfectly. 

There are a range of simple ways to style your Pearl Headbands that only take minutes; but will have you walking out the door feeling like a Queen!

Here are our 5 simple ways. Which one is your favourite? 

1) Pearl Headband with sleek hair 

This is the quickest way to style your Pearl Headband and it always looks fabulous! 

All you have to do is get your hair smoothed down, and behind your ears - You can always go over your hair with some straighteners if you want an extra sleek look. 

Amanda also recommends using some product in your hair like a serum to tame fly-aways (as she gets them a lot!)

Once your hair is smooth, all you have to do is pop your Pearl Headband on for a head-turning look. Why not add a Padded Pearl Headband (as we have above in our photo) to make an extra statement with your sleek hair.

This hairstyle really lets your headband do the talking.

For even more pearly shine add some pearl earrings! Our Vintage pearl earrings would be fabulous, to complete your look.

2) Pearl Headband with a Ponytail 

A Ponytail is a classic hairstyle that whispers laid back chic. 

It's a great go-to when you are in a rush to get out the door. 

But why not add a Pearl Headband with your ponytail to dress up your hairstyle!

All you need to do is pop your hair into a Ponytail- It can be high or low whichever you prefer. 

Then simply add your Pearl Headband  as the finishing touch, and you're ready to go! We've used a flat Pearl Headband for this style which is super comfy and wearable for everyday outfits.

3) Pearl Headband with Curled Hair Down

To glam up your Pearl Headband  - try adding a slight curl to your hair.

This look is perfect for any special events you may have and it is a fabulous way to showcase your statement headband. 

In the first 2 looks we smoothed the hair back with the headbands. This time the hair is relaxed, and the headband is simply added on top of a hair-down hairstyle

Pair your Pearl headband with our Pearl Drop Crystal Earrings for even more shine and glamour! 

4) Pearl Headband With an Undone Bun

A Hair Bun is a classic hairstyle which is always practical and chic - But your Pearl Headbands will elevate this look to the next level! 

All you have to do is pull your hair into the bun in the middle of your head at the back, don't worry if its not neat - the messy look is perfect for an undone bun! 

Pull some pieces out around the front of your face to finish that undone bun look and now just add your Pearl Headband for a dose of glam. 

You can either wear this everyday or even for a nice dinner with your girls - it's perfect dressed up or dressed down. 

5) Pearl Headband with a Top Knot

For a dressed up, polished look, style your Pearl Headband with a sleek top knot like we have in our photo here. 

The headband really adds extra shine to your look. A bun alone would not have the same head-turning factor. 

Simply sleek your hair back into a bun, using pins and some hair spray to keep the look slick. Finally add your Pearl Headband and you're ready to shine all day long.

Those were our top 5 Simple Ways to style your Pearl Headbands for timeless glamour. 

We hope you have fun styling your Pearl Headbands and make sure you send us pictures of your Pearl Headband Perfection!

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We absolutely adore seeing your photos :)

With love, Maddie & Amanda XXX


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